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  1. britishracer

    JDM Masters videos on Honda and Spoon list

    Hi guys. Just for reference I am posting a quick list of Honda and Spoon related videos from JDM Masters You Tube channel. Please check the playlist link below. Thank you
  2. britishracer

    EK9 Production Numbers

    For those who are wondering about the total number of Civic Type R EK9 production numbers. I have 2 sources or perhaps reliable information. One is from a Japanese magazine about Honda Type R and the other is from Honda dealer network information. The first photo show the total numbers as ...
  3. britishracer

    Back after 10 years

    Hi Pete. Yes! That is Drifthunter Albo! We teamed up to make content on Japanese car culture. If you watch some of his recent videos, me and I will group of friends are in there. Please come to Japan. We can give you tours of the scene
  4. britishracer

    Back after 10 years

    Hi guys! It’s been a while since I came on this forum. Originally I joined in 2006-7 when I had a DC2 Rx NHO and a GF-EK9 NHO, E-EK4 Ferio in Japan. Since 2011 I has sold both all the Hondas and moved on to other JDMs such as GC8, SXE10, SE3P, ST205, JZA70, CN9A, CP9A (V), CT9W, BNR32, BNR34...
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    The Hvnters

    The Hvnters
  6. britishracer

    JDM EK9 in the Island of Saipan

    Did you know that a real EK9 body shell is actually quite different from any other EK body? Even the base car EK4? There is a lot of stiffening done to the body done at the factory excluding the bolt on parts. Something after market parts cannot replicate. In any case, the chassis number will...
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    Driving Japan's touge roads project

    Yes it is true that Japan has probably some of the (if not the best) pieces of tarmac in the world. The amount that the Japanese Land Transport department spends (actually we pay through both nostrils at fully opened throttle for the Tolls) goes to the constant refurbishment of roads throughout...
  8. britishracer

    JDM EK9 in the Island of Saipan

    so your car is not technically a JDM EK9. In fact it isnt a EK9. Why don't you just say at first it is a replica build. Good effort though! Very clean
  9. britishracer

    Driving Japan's touge roads project

    Hi members, As promised for sometime I shall now present my exclusive driving videos in Japan's mountain roads for all Honda EK9 fans. I have had my EK9 for about 10 months now. I recently got a HD camcorder and will start taking videos of my regular driving in Hakone region. I hope to...
  10. britishracer

    Britishracer's Japanese Touge Drive

    Thanks! I will have a closer look at what is causing the problem. Yo could be right about the strap..I does sound very metallic. I have decided to save up for a Sony HD camcorder in the meantime. On this particular touge the most I can make it through the tight turns is about 40kmh. On the...
  11. britishracer

    My EK9 RX

    Very clean and nice mate! Cleaner than some examples I see in Japan even. Would you be able to post up photos of your interior? Perhaps the door panels?
  12. britishracer

    Britishracer's Japanese Touge Drive

    Hi guys! Yeah, this was the closest winding road from my house. I was so excited at getting the mount so I wanted to test it out before showing you the serious runs I usually do. It was so tight that I hardly had the chance to rev it to full power. I will also investigate how to eliminate the...
  13. britishracer

    Britishracer's Japanese Touge Drive

    Hi everyone! After numerous requests from friends both inside and outside Japan to take videos driving on Japanese mountain passes seriously, I finally got myself a decent camera mount from Herbert Richter. They make one of the best car accessories around with German quality. Its a suction...
  14. IMG 0504

    IMG 0504

  15. britishracer

    Danielson's EK9 :D

    Nice tuning mate! I wish I could see some more detailed customising tuning here in Japan. Everyone seems to follow a formula of some sort. By the way, I am interested in C Pillar wrap around bar you have. I have never seen anything like that. Where did you get this?
  16. britishracer

    Double TYPE R now! DC2 and EK9

    Hi Guys I finally had the time to take some photos of my two 1st generation Type R. EK9 and DC2 Latest thing I have done to the EK9 is to get a brand new set of tyres. Dunlop Dizezza Star Spec. They are equivalent to the ADVAN AD08 and POTENZA RE-11. One good thing about the Star Spec...
  17. britishracer

    hi.....North Yorkshire.....England

    As all EK9s are essentially originally from Japan used, make sure you see that things like the original owner`s manual and service records are still there. For a car like the EK9 it is likely to be used hard. However that is no reason to worry about it being in a bad condition. The first...
  18. britishracer

    Auto Racing scene in JAPAN!! You asked for it!!

    Hi guys! Thanks for all the favourable replies. Ok, I think I will tell all but do it in series in different posts so that Anyone can refer back to it easily and I can add to it as time goes on. I shall start on Spoon TYPE ONE but will talk about various Honda garages too like Seeker which...
  19. britishracer

    96 spec or 98 spec gear ratio

    the first 3 gears of the 98 spec is close, while 4th and 5th gears are the same as the 96 spec. this really depends on the track as to which is better. I own a 98 spec and a EK9 which has the same gear ratios as the 96 spec. I must say that driving the 98 spec DC2 is quite tiring in the city...
  20. britishracer

    best radiator fluid

    In Japan we use a rather expensive brand of radiator coolant for our sports cars whether it be for winding road or circuit use. Billion Super Thermo series. The particular one I use is the Type R+. It has a life span between 2-3 years. It is pre-mixed, It can withstand high rpm...