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    Red dc2 recaro seats

    Wooh, havn't seen a pair this clean in a long time
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    haitch's For Sale Thread.

    That K-swap manifold still here? Would it work with an EG chassis?
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    *KSWAP* DC Sports manifold, ATS Lightweight Flywheel

    Will those mounts fit onto a DC2?
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    16s and 18s alloys, japfest.

    Hi, whats the offset on the TDs?
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    Spoon Sports EM1 Coupe

    Not a fan of the bodykit, but thats some serious spec you got there!
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    East Side Civic Squad September Shoot

    Nikon D3000
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    East Side Civic Squad shoot.

    Pics up on Flickr now.
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    Recaro Hinge replacement and Bolster repair

    Very nice guide, might just come in handy in the future
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    Spoon Style DC2 Integra Type R Mirrors Installation

    Nicely done! It's a simple process, had to do the same on my accord a few weeks ago. Gotta love Hondas
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    fitted fogs to the coupe

    Very said, get rid of that badge though!
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    desmond regamasters?

    ^ Thats what I thought aswell
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    anyone using seibon ek carbon bonnet?

    Fizzle's carbon bonnet...the holes on that are also tiny I believe, not sure if its seibon though.
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    EK9 ones, im too lazy to modify the others lol
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    Yeah, I need to source some rails now
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    Hey guys Thought I'd join even though I dont have an EK9 :D But I do have this coupe! Only got it six months ago so still a work in progress :)