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  1. MarkMckay

    Ek4 civic

    **Small update** Got a set of Rota grids Yes I need to screw the coilovers down a bit but I lost the key so waiting on a set coming haha
  2. MarkMckay

    Ek4 civic

    Got front lip on and quick wash. I’ll Drop down the coilovers next and paint my callipers while wheels are off.
  3. MarkMckay

    Ek4 civic

    Finally an update haha I got my coilovers fitted and my front grill on. Gave it a oil and filter change and new drop links etc. also gave it a good clean inside. It was sitting at my mechanics garage for a year and unfortunately someone has scratched my front and back bumper that I recently had...
  4. MarkMckay

    Project milano red dc2

    Beautiful :drool:
  5. MarkMckay

    Mckays dc5

    Just keeping her clean
  6. MarkMckay

    Rotrex K20 EF Civic Track Build

  7. MarkMckay

    Mckays dc5

    The ride is good it's not hard or harsh at all and has good ground clearance. It also handles really well a bit better than standard Springs. Only thing changed was the springs everything else is stock
  8. MarkMckay

    Mckays dc5

    Havnt been on here in a few months not much of an update on this just got it serviced and that's it. Still my daily Recent pics :
  9. MarkMckay

    Jdm B18c swap *price lowered*

    Haven't been on here in ages. This is sold
  10. MarkMckay

    Mckays dc5

    **update** Havnt had time to update this until now so anyway I got my springs fitted didn't lower it at all but handles a lot better and I bought an orginal 6 disc changer of eBay for £9.99 :beer: Only pic I have after springs fitted Out with the after market - In with the orginal -
  11. MarkMckay

    What's your occupation?? and civic

    Mark/23 Assistant supervisor in a cafe Have a daily dc5
  12. MarkMckay

    davis94's Lightning Silver EJ9 Build

    Looked well man
  13. MarkMckay

    davis94's Lightning Silver EJ9 Build

    Was that you sitting outside tides last night? I was driving by and the wheels caught my eye lol.
  14. MarkMckay

    Please support!

    Will throw you few quid on pay day mate :nice:
  15. MarkMckay

    Newbie from Ireland

  16. MarkMckay

    Gabys EK9

    :welcome: Black ek9 :nice:
  17. MarkMckay

    Low Mileage B18cr Wanted

    I have one for sale for cheap drop me a pm
  18. MarkMckay

    Mckays dc5

    **update** Got it slicked to bits and my springs came :)
  19. MarkMckay

    davis94's Lightning Silver EJ9 Build

    Crying out for jdm b18c ;)
  20. MarkMckay

    Mckays dc5

    ** update ** Got the wheels painted :) havnt any pics yet because I want to wash and polish it but it keeps raining :angry2: Also this may be for sale at start of July as I am in the process of building a house and planning permission etc isn't cheap lol. But it will only be for sale if I...