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  1. denward

    Skunk Pro2 v Toda SpecC

    Hi All I’d like some advice. I’m currently building a 12:4 CR b16b with a b18 crank etc. I have skunk pro2 cams but am considering changing these for toda spec C. Does anyone know how these cams compare ? Thanks
  2. denward

    Cleaning Engine and Gearbox

    Hi All My engine and gearbox will be dropped out in the new year and I’m looking to freshen up the exterior of the engine and box while I’m at it. Would anyone have any suggestions re cleaning the metal and giving it a closer to new shine? Thanks d
  3. denward

    Dc2 OEM JDM 96 spec headlights

    Hi All I know not ek9 related but does anyone know where new OEM JDM 96spec dc2 headlights can be got? I managed to buy a new set of Stanley’s for my ek9 and they really clean up the front end. Amayama has them as discontinued but are there any good alternatives?? Thanks Denis
  4. denward

    15” Regamaster Fitment ek9 with Twinblock Calipers

    Hi all I have a set of 15” 6.5J Desmond regamaster in 5x114.3 and a set of spoon twinblocks. They don’t seem to be a straight fit onto my ek9. Has anyone experienced fitment issues here and does anyone know what size spacers I need? I don’t necessarily want to get longer studs etc. Thanks Denis
  5. denward

    Engine build advice B Series (16b/18c)

    Hi All I’m looking for a bit of advice re an engine build. I currently have a b16b with the normal bolt ons and a 4.9FD and a lightened flywheel. It’s the standard engine with the codes matching the chassis etc so pretty original in that sense. I’ve just picked up a full b18c bottom end with...
  6. denward

    Spoon cams and gears

    Folks Thought this was a bit rare (if legit) Spoon cams and gears in this b series. Anything know anything about them? D
  7. denward

    Spoon ek9 throttle body

    Hi All Re the spoon ek9 throttle bodies - does anyone actually know anything about these and whether they will actually help airflow / feeling etc ? Any feedback on these would be good. Thanks D
  8. denward

    B16b Engine rebuild - advice

    Hi all Does anyone know anything about the eagle stroker kits/ crank and rods re quality etc? I’m finding it hard to get a 18c crank locally and many used ones will need machining and I’ve been advised against it I was wrong re the OEM b18 cranks still for same. Thanks
  9. denward

    15” ce28n on ek9

    Not so sure I have TE37s at the moment and needed a spacer
  10. denward

    15” ce28n on ek9

  11. denward

    Honda exclusive EK9 yellow on yellow. Is this a real car?

    Wasn’t an option I believe
  12. denward

    15” ce28n on ek9

    Hi all Does anyone have a picture of an ek9 with 15” ce28n? Only ones I can see are 16”s A set have come up that am interested in and are 6.5 wide. Separately Does anyone know if there would be clearance issues with spoon calipers? Thanks Denis
  13. denward

    Door clicking when open/ close

    Thanks for that!!
  14. denward

    Door clicking when open/ close

    Hi all My drivers door is making a click from the hinge area when I’m opening and closing the door when it comes to the position where it holds. Happens every time. Any idea what it could be? Thanks D
  15. denward

    Parts For Sale

    Any b18cr crank and rods ?
  16. denward

    Spoon Ek9 Cluster for sale

    How do you know
  17. denward

    Spoon Ek9 Cluster for sale

    For anyone that has a few bob spare
  18. denward

    New Headlights - Maintenance and Care...

    Hi All I have a brand new set of facelift headlights and want to make sure I keep them fresh. Does anyone have any tips ? Any coatings / covers or anything I could use ? Thanks D
  19. denward

    Instagram sellers?

    Hi all Does anyone know of any legitimate Instagram seller pages that generally have some of the rarer Honda parts ? I’ve seen a few but unsure whether legitimate or not. Thanks d