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  1. Topher-EK9

    Just poking fun at adverts

    Saw this on gumtree - Just think the guy is a melt, its hilarious. "The car is practically a completely standard factory vti-s with all the "s" extras such as aircon, sunroof, electric mirrors etc" the Civic VTI still has...
  2. Topher-EK9

    VSM EK9 K20 Turbo Project

    bloody loved reading this :) Cannot wait for you to start the turbo build. very very impressive stuff. also love the pictures above, one shows you entering a corner behind a TVR then the next shows you in front of it :) If thats isn't a representation of how good the car is i don't know what...
  3. Topher-EK9

    Can't be many of these left!.....brand new Mugen Twin Loop....

    are you secretly Brad Pitt ?!? Brad pitt owns a B18C EK4... #lifegoals
  4. Topher-EK9

    Can't be many of these left!.....brand new Mugen Twin Loop....

    Haha good man, when i was younger ( i say that im still only 27 :P ) i went to court for having a screamer pipe on a toyota starlet gt turbo :( however when he asked about the tein coilovers i said i had just painted the OEM suspension green to stop rust and his words were " good idea " lol but...
  5. Topher-EK9

    Can't be many of these left!.....brand new Mugen Twin Loop....

    yeh i would say maximum 5% to her.. probably near 3 - 4% , you may see a bit more but for sure you are definitely under their 10% margin. on another note, Good man for telling your insurance company. its rare that people tell them about mod's and with expensive mod's like this i think its a...
  6. Topher-EK9

    phoenix yellow k9

    :banned: for having too many nice car's !!! haha Really nice collection there dude, LOVE that EG6 and the silver EK9's are getting rarer !! You're a very lucky man !! :win:
  7. Topher-EK9

    Can't be many of these left!.....brand new Mugen Twin Loop....

    Good man, I personally couldn't fault the OEM EK9 suspension for daily use and fast road, so agree with you whole heartedly. I have owned both Spoon N1 and Mugen Twinloop but on previous EK4's and i had to buy a silencer for the Spoon for daily use lol. Mugen Twinloop is pretty much how an EK9...
  8. Topher-EK9

    Can't be many of these left!.....brand new Mugen Twin Loop....

    AMAZING, these exhausts are so awesome. really nice tone , no rasp or bark which is great if you want subtlety. One thing i will say though, after owning one on my EK4, they do hang quite low so if you car is low on coilovers be careful ;)
  9. Topher-EK9

    Rossco's Eg6 Sir2

    Thats a Beauty !!! love the registration also :) man i really want an EG6 again, such fun little car's. all the best with it :)
  10. Topher-EK9

    Just a heads up (turbo bits for sale on Gumtree)

    This is not my car.. I came across it on the tree of Gum and thought i'd let members on here know. Seems like some good parts for sale etc so thought i'd post a link. I have no affiliation with the seller at all simply just posting so people on here can take a look in case there are parts you...
  11. Topher-EK9

    LiamEk9's Rough and Ready Turbo Build.

    Very nice indeed :) I think you'll like the plumbed in sound better ;) rather than a sort of propeller sound it will just make your exhaust roar on boost :) i much prefer it
  12. Topher-EK9

    LiamEk9's Rough and Ready Turbo Build.

    Very cool :) your screamer pipe is LOUD !!! haha, i got sick of mine on my starlet and had to get it plumbed in after a few months. really nice power as well. Is it just a stock B18C4 ? obviously with Turbo etc and i saw the elderbrock manifold on there but is the engine itself standard
  13. Topher-EK9

    Mitsubishi Evo 7/8

    I've always been a fan of the Evo II would love to put an Evo 9 engine in one. i just think the old skool cool of the II is awesome :) And people don't expect them to have 400 + hp thing is they all seem to be owned by farmers and are literally piles of junk . Good luck on the search dude, will...
  14. Topher-EK9

    Cheap set up's with good results ?

    contrary to popular belief an aggressive Crossover is not always a good thing ;) The smoother the crossover the better :) if its the noise you want then stick a large carbon intake on there like the famous whale intakes from J's there are plenty of cheaper copies if cost is an issue. the...
  15. Topher-EK9

    Finally got a 9!

    Good stuff :) when i took the carpet out of my 9 i found quite a few Japanese coins = proper archaeology haha
  16. Topher-EK9

    EG6 pure track toy joy!

    just finished watching the videos on youtube of this kept me entertained at work today haha. really good idea to do the videos and great work you're doing ! thanks for sharing. Edit* got to work early today and your youtube channel was still up so i continued to watch some more videos, of...
  17. Topher-EK9

    Finally got a 9!

    Although it doesn't have the logo on it, ( sticker so could have just come off ) from what i can see that is a Mugen rear strut brace :) search for mugen rear strut brace ek... and the picture of that come up on google.. Bolts one side and welded the other...
  18. Topher-EK9

    B18 turbo ek4

    that's a steal for those lips dude !! I sold front and rear lips from my Vti-s to a guy in the states, he guy paid me £180 for the front lip and £150 for the rear lip and covered the postage