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  1. Frodo

    Atr twin pots

  2. Frodo

    Atr twin pots

    Item for sale: accord type r twin pots Reputation: Price: 180 Paypal: yes if fees covered Location: Edinburgh Condition: good Description: bought these for my dc2 project which I sold so these are up for sale. Bought in good working order with...
  3. Frodo

    Rolling shell wanted - eg6 ek4 or dc2

    Yeah got a shell here with a few good bits on it, wiring etc there just needs an engine swap in the bay, shells mint as well
  4. Frodo

    R1PPU's EJ9 Build Up

    Just need some nice earth's made up now man
  5. Frodo

    R1PPU's EJ9 Build Up

    That looks mega clean dude. Gloss black for painting it?
  6. Frodo

    Your 2016

    Plans for 2016 1. Get rid of the m3 and the bills with that 2. Use the money from that to pay off stupid bills I got for being a twat 3. Paint the integra and get it on the road for summer 4. Get back to enjoying life and not worrying about money 24/7
  7. Frodo

    robthedoc's ek9 turbo, adventures in boost!

    Can't beat those big boxes, bought a black one myself with the split top drawers ha. Shame it's getting full tho
  8. Frodo

    2nd hand spoon front brake calipers ek9

    They're my mates ones, trusted guy, I could pass you'd number onto him to see if he would do a deal if you want?
  9. Frodo

    Want to upgrade my front calipers , again

    I've opted for the 300mm accord twin pot setup for the dc2 I'm building as I know a few folk who have ran them, meant to be mega stopping power and no fade and get the bonus of being all oem parts for reliability
  10. Frodo

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New To Everyone

    Merry Christmas everyone Car wise plans are to fit the bits I get for Xmas and birthday to try make it look like a whole car then get saving up for the b18 so it can come out to play for summer
  11. Frodo

    Frodo's DC2 Ground Up Build

    @Mattyssb this is what's instead of a new 9 haha
  12. Frodo

    Mattyssb's black caged ITB'd K24 EK9

    This build is incredible, the attention to detail is unreal, makes me seriously miss my black 9 haha
  13. Frodo


    Bought a pile of bits for my teg, all ad described, great communication throughout, would buy from again
  14. Frodo

    Jesse888 Forged/stroker turbo ek9
  15. Frodo

    Jesse888 Forged/stroker turbo ek9

    You can get race heaters that still run off the water pipes like stock and just have a switch for them, just have to use ducting to feed it to the vents you want, I'm thinking the same idea for my dc2 as well
  16. Frodo

    Frodo's DC2 Ground Up Build

    Yeah seen @RyanSi seen your engine for sale, sadly no gonna have the cash till the m3 I'd away for engine stuff. Good luck selling it tho
  17. Frodo

    Frodo's DC2 Ground Up Build

    Cheers, eh just going for a b18c the now, thinking itb setup in the future as I've always wanted one, deffo staying na like
  18. Frodo

    Frodo's DC2 Ground Up Build

    It had a full bay tuck done, was fully clean hence the relocation stuff Speakers are needed like, can't live without my tunes eh
  19. Frodo

    Frodo's DC2 Ground Up Build

    Cheers bud, eh gonna be a track car like, gonna daily it but planning to get it whole first then possibly itb setup on the b18, caged, wide front end etc. Just want it angry looking eh
  20. Frodo

    Frodo's DC2 Ground Up Build

    Right so basically most of you will know my old car which now belongs to @nicole_ Went through a mad spell going out of hondas and currently got a 2005 M3 CS So opportunity came up for a minted DC2 shell off my mate so thought why not, cars been a full shell respray at some point so its...