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  1. Dzero4

    Race Base Transmission

    Yeah I can also confirm the gearboxes are identical. Race base differences were mostly visual, no tinted glass, no recaros, steel wheels etc etc. and personally with all my experience of working in the aftermarket parts trade, ive never seen a supplier list an ek9 race base as a seperate model.
  2. Dzero4

    Ek9 Catalytic converter - replacement

    You could do a 400 cell off of tegiwa, and get it welded with flanges in place of the oem ones. fitting a used cat is probably less advised as they only last so long
  3. Dzero4

    Ek9 Fuel tank

    I cant be certain, there is at least 4 different tanks i know of. you need to use the vehicle VIN and get the correct P/N. @spikeyhairdude or myself can help if you message us the VIN.
  4. Dzero4

    WTB - PreFace EK Cupholders

    how much?
  5. Dzero4

    Ek9 Fuel tank

    pretty sure theyre all the same capacity, the OE P/N crosses across all the models. HOWEVER. different years have different evap systems and as such the tanks are different.
  6. Dzero4

    JDM Combe - 8th July 2023

    Would be awesome to see you here
  7. Dzero4

    Respray my VSM EK9, what colour

    Check this guy out. Has a mint vsm civic (not type r) but you can see how much nicer it is when it's fresh.
  8. Dzero4

    Respray my VSM EK9, what colour

    Absolutely stay VSM. They are unbelievably rare. Only 477 out of the entire production (15910 cars) run across 97,98,99,00 are in VSM. When that colour is in good condition it absolutely pops. The metallic is very colourful.
  9. Dzero4

    A guy from Asia who is coming to UK

  10. Dzero4

    A guy from Asia who is coming to UK

    Hello Justin and welcome Congrats on the move to the UK. I would be recommending you get a high quality underseal job done using a product range called Dinitrol. I had it done on my ek9 and it has definitely done its job in protecting the underneath! For the other parts if you are registering...
  11. Dzero4

    Want to buy: Facelift ('99-'00) EK9 grille

    Good morning Terry, I have brand new genuine grilles here, shipping available
  12. Dzero4

    Special Offer - Tegiwa B Series Exhaust Manifold

    Hello wonderful EK9 owners, I've been lucky enough to work out a deal with Tegiwa on their wonderful B series Exhaust Manifold. I have just fitted one to my own EK9 and it is a super high quality piece and I am very impressed. RRP: £544.50 + Delivery. Deal Price: £460* delivered within...
  13. Dzero4

    JDM Combe - 8th July 2023

    a notable exception to the rule i'd say ;)
  14. Dzero4

    JDM Combe - 8th July 2023

    Hey everyone! This year we want to try and get as many EK9's down on the stand as we can, the last 2 years the stand has been growing from 11 cars in 2021, to 24 cars in 2022. hopefully we can get even more this year! >Please only book if you have an EK9< The details for the event are as...
  15. Dzero4

    Looking for someone with a EK9 to test fit a new part

    PM me, happy to help, facelift rx ek9. Oxford based
  16. Dzero4

    Road trip: Cornwall in my new-to-me EK9

    Can't wait to see more of your trip!
  17. Dzero4

    UK road trip in my EK9. Looking for guidance

    And if you have some spare time sunday evening, consider dropping by caffeine and machine, just down the road from stratford, could meet you up there :)
  18. Dzero4

    UK road trip in my EK9. Looking for guidance

    Enjoy it! if you need anything feel free to message me :)
  19. Dzero4

    Tegiwa B series exhaust manifold

    Would anyone be interested in a new Tegiwa b series exhaust manifold? £475 delivered in UK
  20. Dzero4

    Urgent - WTB EK9 Rear bumper Championship White

    Morning all, in search of a rear bumper in champ white. Lip is not required. Needed ASAP can collect immediately within uk