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  1. rvm

    What a long journey :)

    Correct lol.
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    Ek9 Fuel tank

    If I remember correctly I think the 1300cc model has a smaller capacity tank.
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    What goes here?

    Easy fix sir :)
  4. rvm

    JDM Combe - 8th July 2023

    Thanks! :)
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    New US owner

    From what I see, your ek9 has integra type r 98 spec wheels right? The aftermarket headlights can be removed easily. :)
  6. rvm

    Civic Jordan 258 rebuild

    I love the color! :)
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    JDM Combe - 8th July 2023

    Will try to find a cheap flight and go to this event. Thanks for sharing.
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    What goes here?

    Not OEM, I've seen this type of drills for subwoofer installations.
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    A guy from Asia who is coming to UK

  10. rvm

    Update on H-swap EK

    Looking good! :)
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    Respray my VSM EK9, what colour

    Phoenix yellow :)
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    Importing '98 EK9.

    Please keep us updated! :)
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    New US owner

    Beautiful ek9! :) What are your plans for it? In the US you can get any aftermarket part you want! :)
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    What a long journey :)

    13 years ago. Currently I don't have an ek9, but I'm looking for one :)
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    What a long journey :)

    Custom made :)
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    EK9 + K24

    LHD EK9 from a friend. EK9 + K24 = 255 WHP
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    My 98 jdm dc2

    Stunning. :beer:
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    Upcoming B16a2 rebuild and upgrade plans

    I assume that you have a B16A engine right?
  19. rvm

    What a long journey :)

  20. rvm

    What a long journey :)

    Wanted to share with you some old photos of my ek9 EK9 with volcanic sand all over Mugen CAI + exhaust heat wraps B18C Crankshaft installation Random photo Carbon Fiber hood :) Air duct :) Auction photo Radio Blockoff plate I will add more soon