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  1. RyanSi

    Wanted C/W dc2

    looking to buy a dc2 budget of about 4500-5000 might be able to push a bit more for right car
  2. RyanSi

    Trip to Japan!

    So I'm thinking of planning a trip to Japan, Anyone been on here? Just looking for some advice and fun things to do obviously going to do the usual visits to the tuning garages spoon, car craft boon ect possibly looking to split the trip between Osaka and Tokyo and maybe a trip to Yokohama...
  3. RyanSi

    Wheels wanted

    Hi guys looking for a set of volks RE30 or CE28 5x114 Must be 17" will consider 18" though No more than 8.5" wide and no less that 8" wide And et50/45 Also must be a square set
  4. RyanSi

    16" TE37 5x114

    item for sale: 16" Volk racing te37 Price: £850 PayPal: yes deposit cash on collection Rep: @RyanSi Description: set of staggered te37 16x7 and 16x7.5 could benefit from a refurb no damage just paint is poor! This is the only pic I have ATM I'll get detailed ones ASAP...
  5. RyanSi

    96 spec ITR shell

    Item for sale: 96 spec teg shell Location: Glasgow PayPal: deposit then cash on collection Rep: @RyanSi Price: £1100 Ono! Description: I bought this to reshell my k swap from my eg into but a few parts I've always wanted have came up and want to buy them for the eg rather than k swap...
  6. RyanSi

    JDM ITR shell

    hi guys I'm looking for a jdm dc2 shell must Have all panels and glass basically complete minus engine box and interior preferably champ white and must be rust free
  7. RyanSi

    TE37 Pair 4x100 16"

    Item for sale: pair of TE37 in 4x100 Location: Glasgow PayPal: yes Rep: @RyanSi Price: £180+P&P (negotiable) Description: pair of te37 in 4x100 one has light kerb rash and other has small crack on inside and a dent in the face please see pics collection proffered Pics:
  8. RyanSi

    RBC intake manifold!

    Looking to buy a rbc manifold for k20 Not to sound right or anything but cheaper te better! As I'm looking to get my exhaust and get my eg mapped this month or next so on a tight budget I'll take cut/uncut ported/unported Hit me up
  9. RyanSi

    Snap on MG725 air gun

    Item for sale: snap on mg725 Impact wrench Reputation: @RyanSi Price: £220 Paypal: yes Location: Glasgow Condition: reconditioned (by snap on) Description: may be of use to someone I no longer need it its just back from snap on repair centre after all insides replaced rotor anvil weights...
  10. RyanSi

    K-series kazz/spoon diff vss drive

    Looking for a second hand vss speed drive for kazz/spoon diff before I have to buy new
  11. RyanSi

    Braided lines full car question!

    I've been given access to a full hosetechnics brake line kit and going to make up my lines for my EG I'm wondering what the best system to use will be I was looking at running one line to the back and split at the rear to the calipers and use I bias valve or am I best running 2 lines? Any...
  12. RyanSi

    EG/DC K-swap parts wanted

    long shot but does anyone have anything?
  13. RyanSi

    Oil coolers what's people's opinion

    been thinking of running a oil cooler on my eg for a while now! as I'll be looking to do more track days in the coming year and what to keep things in check! Heard people say loss of pressure ect with coolers is this a problem? I was going to go for a mocal thermostatic kit from tegiwa with...
  14. RyanSi

    Skunk2 inlet manifold

    Item for sale: skunk2 inlet and AEM FPR/RAIL SOLD reputation: ryansi PayPal: yes Location: Glasgow Condition: used Description: B16/18 sk2 inlet and aem fuel pressure regulator and rail Manifold is in good condition as are aem parts throttle body (b16a2) needs idle screw so that's going...
  15. RyanSi

    Urgent help! High idle!

    So at the yesterday I swapped my b16 in my eg for a B18c6 and running it with a jdm p73 ecu! I have wired in the knock sensor so that is fine I have code 20 witch is eld but read up on that with it not being a problem is this true? The idle is sitting high about 1050 according to my timing...
  16. RyanSi

    May be looking to buy 15" 4x100

    Good day all I may be looking to buy another set of wheels in the near future so putting feelers out to see what's about! Already got a set of RPF-1's so looking along those lines a good quality wheel! Really after TE37 Re30 CE28 So on and so fourth must be 15" and 4x100
  17. RyanSi

    WTB jumper harness ASAP!

    Looking for a 0bd1 to obd2a jumper harness so I can run a p73 ecu in my eg thanks in advance
  18. RyanSi

    DC/EG/MB D2 front camber arms

    Item for sale: D2 front camber arms BNIB Reputation: RyanSi Price: 160 Paypal: YES Location: Glasgow Condition: brand new Description: selling on behalf of a friend who bought these by mistake for his EF so just looking to sell and re coup money on them Brand new in box EG DC MB fitment...
  19. RyanSi

    DC/EG recaro seat rail (driver)

    Item for sale: driver side EG/DC recaro rail Reputation: ryansi Price: 70 Paypal: yes Location: Glasgow Condition: used but working condition Description: not much I can say usual recaro rail for speeds ect and has side mounts bolted on Price is Ono and plus postage Pictures:
  20. RyanSi

    Backbox 2.5"

    good day all Payday is Thursday so I'll be looking for a new backbox for my eg the current one is terrible! Looking for something that is 2.5" and good quality and reasonably priced! along the likes of Spoon N1 Spoon street J's 60r Oem ek9 backbox Don't mind modifying to fit ect aslong as...