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    My eg6 Rally car

    I never seen a eg for rally!
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    Honda NSX concept-GT

    Is that a car
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    Civic vti - eg6

    Nice Eg6
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    96-00 civic 4door thread

    I like the one with Dc5 rim
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    Spoon Sports Type one Showroom

    I need to go too spoon spoon !
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    back in a type R again!

    I like the rims
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    Been awhile since I took pictures

    So nice Ek9
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    Ek9 turbo photo shoot!

    How to make that kind of photo ,so kool
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    Eibach Sportline?

    Most people said the swift spring is good!
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    Kanjo styled EK

    I like that kind of blue on my car too!
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    how to dc5r brembos on ek9 & itr

    I want to swap this too!
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    NSX Calipers

    I use the legend twin caliper on my 5 lugs set up .it stop really good
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    Willwood brake upgrade. Anygood?

    Does this kit fit 16" rim
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    Project milano red dc2

    What a nice red dc2
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    EJ6 b18cR - high comp ITB Build.

    What a nice set up
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    DIY front wind splitter

    I think you can make it for Fiberglas will get more light weight
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    Headlight questions..

    You can try to use the HID ,couse I know there is the yellow light bulb !
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    Cleaning Recaro

    I use the woolite to clean ,it really bring out the dirty!
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    EK Headlights??

    If don't have it you can install the DRL light kit? I do it on my car too