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  1. My ej9

    My ej9

  2. Meeky

    Fly eye tint

    Has anyone tried the fly eye tint on the ej9 headlights I got a pair of after market tinted black from eBay they are messed up the left light hits the ground and the right one is up and the light comes out the left side because it's for left hand drive cars, Am from the UK so it should be coming...
  3. Vti blades

    Vti blades

    Sanded this by hand and painted them my self cost of it all 5 pounds
  4. Meeky

    Genuine OEM EK9 Facelift Grill

  5. Meeky

    Hi bro can I get a black sticker bro?

    Hi bro can I get a black sticker bro?
  6. Meeky

    Vti seats?

    Thanks mate
  7. Meeky

    Vti blades

    I have a forst White Ek with vti blades trying to make it like a ek4 just want to know what couloir should I do the wheels guys?
  8. Meeky

    Vti seats?

    Yeah for a Ek there in mine it's a 2000 1.4i sport on the book what dose the sport mean what sport about it lol
  9. Meeky

    Vti seats?

    Image by Meeky posted Nov 11, 2015 at 2:30 AMCan someone tell me if these are vti seats please?
  10. Image


  11. Meeky

    OEM civic EK Door Visor / Wind Deflectors

    I have a set no clips tho.
  12. Meeky

    White 98 EK9 Type R breaking

    Spoiler still there bro?
  13. Meeky


    Looking for Ek9 facelift model headlights and ek9 boot spoiler or wing need to be posted to in me in the UK Belfast if anyone has this can pay with PayPal, also looking recaro seats and any bit to make a ek9 rep, thank for taking time to read this.