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    Impatient U.S. EK9 Owner =)

    The 6 months will fly in , its not so bad you've got a DC2 and and FK to keep you amused till it arrives.
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    Respray my VSM EK9, what colour

    Keep it silver
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    Parts Required for KSWAP

    I used this list for gathering up the stuff for my k swap . It was very helpful . Thanks for taking the time to do it
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    EK9 style rear chassis brace crash bar ( Part# 74370-S03-Z00ZZ )

    Nice man , can you give me a price posted to central Scotland .
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    K swapped EJ9 project

    Kept the seats from my old FN2 got those fitted a couple of weeks ago Managed to get enough material from the back seat to retrim the door cards
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    K swapped EJ9 project

    Bought the car just over a year ago , the plan from day 1 was a k swap . Here she is the day I picked her up 1st up was to replace the junk ebay coilovers it had for some yellowspeeds Time to say goodbye to the d14 And hello to the k20 And finally it's up and running It's...
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    Parts For Sale 28/5/2023

    How much for the k20 LSDs ?
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    Soul Fokus Civik Saga ( 1996 EJ9 K-Swap )

    Done well getting that DC5 motor for 1600 , all the hard work has certainly payed off that’s a beauty of an EJ9
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    New Member in Tokyo

    Life can’t get much better than driving an ek9 about in Tokyo . I’m slightly jealous . Welcome
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    New Member in Tokyo

    Iv only ever seen 3 EK9s in my life and 2 were silver
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    No EJ9 forums. I guess here will do.

    That’s a beauty EJ9 , you’ve done a good job with it
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    '96 EJ9 Deep Amethyst Pearl

    Nice, the front bumper and square plates are a winner. I like that colour, some shine on it for 25 years old. What engine you wanting to put in it?
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    Majimas EJ9 project

    Ah right I thought it was good old brexit or something lol
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    Majimas EJ9 project

    Day 3 Couple of shots of the car Has the lip on the back bumper, 1 less thing to buy. No sunroof Windy windows, never had them in all my 20 years of driving. Love it Back seats out and remove more soundproofing. This wasn't coming out as cleanly as the stuff in the boot
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    Majimas EJ9 project

    Just tried to order 1 of these and at the checkout its stopped my order saying shipping to the UK is temporarily suspended for 2-6 weeks haha. WTF is that about what
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    My EK9.... take 2

    It's taken a while to read through this thread but it was worth it, what a car this is mate it looks like it's come out of a timewarp. Clean as. Looks stunning and mods in the right places. I honestly could never tire of looking at this car. If it was mine I'd consider shifting my bed into the...
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    Majimas EJ9 project

    Cool mate, thanks for trying. I'm sure 1 will turn up
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    Majimas EJ9 project

    Day 2 Didnt have much time today so no pics all I managed to do was get it jacked up a bit and have a roll around underneath with a torch and see what horrors awaited me. My arse was twitching like a rabbits nose as I got down there Pleasant surprise it looks much better than I expected under...
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    Majimas EJ9 project

    That would be much appreciated mate, if need be il buy the whole wing for 20 and you can keep the wing as a spare.