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  1. halszaj

    Hardrace RTA + OEM Honda front lower arm bushings

    Or best offer, regarding prices... :)
  2. halszaj

    Advise on Coilovers

    Happy to help! :beer:
  3. halszaj

    ADVAN RG wheels / 16x7.5" / +45 / 5x114.3

    Item for sale: Set of 4 genuine Advan RG wheels Reputation: Price: £ 779 + shipping. Paypal: Accepted, fees additional Location: Hungary, EU Condition: 8.8 / 10 - Professionally refinished in NH-0. Painted, not powder coated. All wheels run...
  4. halszaj

    Hardrace RTA + OEM Honda front lower arm bushings

    For sale: 2 x Hardrace rear trailing arm bushings Reputation: Price: £ 59.99 + shipping. Worldwide shipping available. Paypal: Accepted, fees additional Location: Hungary, EU Condition: brand NEW / unused Description: set of two Hardrace...
  5. halszaj


    Your feedback is appreciated! :nice:
  6. halszaj

    16" TE37 5x114

    Still available?
  7. halszaj

    EK9 Turbo Cadwell Park

    What wheels and tyres are you using on track?
  8. halszaj

    Long Term Ek9 Build

    Well done for saving one! Best of luck with it! :beer:
  9. halszaj

    Spark plugs

    Agreed. :beer:
  10. halszaj

    Advise on Coilovers

    I rode in a friend's EK4 with the PIC Select 8k/6k setup. It was confidence inspiring and handled well. I have read dozens of positive PIC reviews. If you search on Google you'll find them! I have also never heard anything negative about them, ever... Beside the V1/2/3 options KW also offers...
  11. halszaj

    My Milano Red EP3

    Can't wait to see it with the new wheels! :nerv:
  12. halszaj

    Honda VTI to Integra

    Pics? :)
  13. halszaj

    Saqib's EK9

    What's your impression of the Spoon suspension? How is it for day to day driving?
  14. halszaj

    BTCC Knockhill 2016 - RDPhotography

    Cool shots Dude! :naughty:
  15. halszaj

    p28 ecu tunne

    Your English is fine! :beer: What camshafts are you planning on?
  16. halszaj

    Civic jordan #472

    Seems like quite a bit of rust to tackle... I would also suggest doing a re-shell. . Good luck with it however you decide! :nice:
  17. halszaj

    Advise on Coilovers

    You get what you pay for... :naughty: From your short list I would go with either the KWs or the AMRs. I would also consider the following quality options: - Koni or Bilstein Sport shocks / Ground Conrol (race valving for high spring rates) - PIC Performance I would avoid cheap and colorful...
  18. halszaj

    p28 ecu tunne

    Sure thing Bud! :nice: I would still get it tuned for YOUR car as soon as possible...
  19. halszaj

    EG9 nut and bolt build

    Awesome work! Inspired to do mine... :)