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  1. smap

    Accord Type-R

    Yes certainly seems like a hell of a lot of car for the money but economy is becoming more of a priority for me.
  2. smap

    Accord Type-R

    I guess for the type of car the ek9 is, it is infact very economical but mine has 140k miles on the clock and it really doesn't seem right to be putting nearly 300 miles a week on it anymore. So its breaking my heart but its got to go. Ill probably end up getting a shitty diesel:(
  3. smap

    Accord Type-R

    Thanks. It seems I may have to look at alternatives to anything with a Type R badge if I wanna save money.
  4. smap

    Accord Type-R

    Am currently selling my ek9 to raise some cash after recently buying my first home. Have been looking at maybe an ep3 but they just don't do it for me. It seems an accord type r can be picked up for a good price these days but I don't know too much about these. Economy is important as I am...
  5. smap

    Civic Type R EP3 JDM C/W

    Im not mad on ep3's but this looks lovely in White.
  6. smap

    Christmas Special: Front/Rear disc sets

    If your still selling these could you give me a price for a full set (front and rears) of plain discs. Also a price on ferodo 2500 and mintex 4411 both fronts and rears please. Thanks
  7. smap

    CW EK9 A449 Worcester

    Twas me sir:D Having been spotted I now feel ashamed being that the 9 is Filthy and looking a bit rough around the edges at the mo.
  8. smap

    Cw Ek9 isle of wight (cowes)

    Thats mine now Zen, although it looks a little different these days. Funny that it would find its way back to the west midlands. Where abouts do you live?
  9. smap

    Cw Ek9 isle of wight (cowes)

    Think there is only 2 on the Island now. I moved to Worcestershire 6 months ago. I have the Facelift which lived with me in Shanklin. I drove past Shay in sandown just before I left and that was the only time i seen another 9 over there. I heard another W reg Facelift recently made its way...
  10. smap

    ek9 worcester

    This was me. I've recently moved to Kiddy and was in Worcester that evening at the Cinema. Haven't seen any ek9's in the Worcestershire area yet but have seen a couple of white dc2's about. Im really enjoying some of the roads up here.
  11. smap


    Ive got some standard ek9 wheels without tires. They have recently been powder coated. £250
  12. smap

    Uniroyal rainsport 2

    Ive just purchased a set of 4 uniroyal rainsport 2's as a wet tyre for the winter months. Got them from these guys - EARS Motorsport LLP, road, race, rally & trackday equipment & tyres by mail order :secret: was less then £160 for a set delivered.
  13. smap

    Vtec performance honda breakers updated 10-3-2012

    Have you got any dc2 98 spec wheels. Am looking for a set of 4.
  14. smap

    All my modified parts!!

    What condition is the rear badge in? Has it faded much?
  15. smap

    Which OIL recommended for the B16b

    Well after reading all this it seems there isn't 1 definitive Oil recomended for the ek9. I have had my ek9 a couple of months now and after spending out on sorting out a few little problems I now want to give it a full service. I have no idea at all what oil it curently runs. It is used...
  16. smap

    My 9

    Wow! That must be one of the cleanest examples around. Absolutley stunning mate.
  17. smap

    Ek4 S.i.R

    Looks really nice. Loving the wheels. Could maybe do with some ek9 door cards to match the seats and mats. :)
  18. smap

    From Cape Town South Africa

    Welcome to The car looks very nice but is that black seats and not red recaros in there? I have a holiday home in sommerset west and can honestly say I have never seen an ek9 anywhere in cape town or south africa.
  19. smap

    EK9 Register

    The ek9 was only produced in Japan. You can import one or you may be able to pick one up that has already been imported, but good luck with that, I don't imagine there are many about in the states.
  20. smap

    Hi from the Isle of Wight :)

    Yes. It was my brothers and he put it on pistonheads because he got sick of waiting for my integra to be sold. Day after he put the ad live I sold mine. Got it at a great price and it is the only ek9 on the Isle of Wight:))