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  1. gwailo

    My civic - clubsport inspired

    Always found Screwfix to stock Sikaflex. Is that lip the PU Design GV one, looks good, contrast is nice against the sliver, I'd say put that one on. Its a little different to what we are used to seeing
  2. gwailo

    Greetings from the Philippines!

    Sounds like some serious work has gone into that, good stuff man :nice:
  3. gwailo

    My VI-RS (17000km), Supercharged B finally mapped

    You gonna post some sound clips of the exhaust once done
  4. gwailo

    wanted clear rear lights

    Ebay or maybe Facebook. Can't remember the last time I saw a UK civic with these fitted. But i did just watch Automotive anatomy review on YouTube just now and the J swapped EK was rocking these. Maybe check the guys intagram and msg him, think this style is more popular in the states.
  5. gwailo

    Rear Brake Shoe & Drum

    Whats your current set up? I went from rear drums to EK9 rear calipers, carriers and pads with EM2 discs as I am using 4 stud. You will need to upgrade your rear trailing arms to suit.
  6. gwailo

    Greetings from the Philippines!

    Looks nice, did they come in left hand drive?
  7. gwailo

    My VI-RS (17000km), Supercharged B finally mapped

    Those brakes :nice:
  8. gwailo

    New member, not so new car

    Nice, a good clean base for any future swaps
  9. gwailo

    Which car?

    haha didn't even notice that
  10. gwailo

    Which car?

    If you want a numb/isolated drive, buy an Audi. Every Audi I've been in, 220HP S3, even S4 and S5 both remapped 440ish hp, while being really fast was just......numb. If you want something that you can enjoy and with feedback, get a Honda (But this depends on the age) What do you mean 'Honda...
  11. gwailo

    Crx Del Sol, Spoon inspired build

    Wow, the attention to detail is amazing. Can't remember the last time I saw a Del Sol on the road.
  12. gwailo

    1996 Civic Ek2 Conversion

    Nice, looks really clean. What seats are those, re-upholsted Recaro's?
  13. gwailo

    My 1999 Championship White EK9

    Still got them to fit, hence the very slowly part : ) So waiting to go on are new front lower control arms inc new bushes, front ARB bushes, drop links, will be looking to buy the upper control arms when we get closer to black Friday sales, probably get the lower ball joints as well. Something...
  14. gwailo

    My 1999 Championship White EK9

    When it comes to replacing mine, which I am doing very slowly, I'm using Hardrace bushes, trying to retain some comfort as the UK roads are crap. OEM was used for the rear trailing arm bushes, as most recommend. For the front lower ball joints, I will stick with OEM as they lasted 130K, but...
  15. gwailo

    B16a2 engine noise

    Maybe needs valve clearance adjustment. Whats the mileage?
  16. gwailo

    Oem window visor clips

    I used Japserviceparts to source some OEM honda stuff from Japan, worked out cheaper than going to Honda UK.
  17. gwailo

    Photos from July meet

    Some nice hatches there, good to see a coupe in the mix :nice:
  18. gwailo

    My EK9

    Looks really nice, the front lip doesn't look OEM? Really liking the S14 as well.
  19. gwailo

    Eg hatch gremlins

    That intercooler looks massive, must be pushing some power!