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    First swiss ek9 and modding story

    Awesome, that Mugen cluster must be worth a bit!!
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    DM's EK9

    Awesome !!!!
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    Kumo - EK9 CTR

    Both :)
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    Kumo - EK9 CTR

    Any thoughts on what my car is worth?
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    Kumo - EK9 CTR

    Productive weekend, got my Hasport Race mounts fitted as well as my GruppeM intake. Not sure how I feel about the polished intake arm but certainly makes the bay look nice and clean. I’ve long used GruppeM intakes on my VWs and Hondas so it was a no brainer for me :) took the car out for a spin...
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    Spoon Ek9 Cluster for sale

    Get in touch when you decide to sell :)
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    Kumo - EK9 CTR

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    First swiss ek9 and modding story

    Awesome stuff, all the collectables are brilliant!!!
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    My K24 Frank Turbo EK9

    Sweet thread and an awesome result after the original issues :)
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    Civic Jordan 258 rebuild

    Man I cant believe what you've been through! I hope this is the one mate. Car looks great and awesome details!
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    Kumo - EK9 CTR

    Thank you :) I don't think I'll get it tuned further, I am happy with the way the car pulls now so I am focusing on other areas for the near future! On that note, new parts ordered and starting to trickle in : Soft99 Premium Kit Light - The EK9 refuses to use the same Meguiars as my R32. LOL...
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    My EK9.... take 2

    That MBC stopper is awesome!!!!
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    DM's EK9

    Awesome thread :)
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    Spoon parts wanted - EK9

    Hi all As per the title, if you’ve got any Spoon parts for sale please get in touch. Especially wanting a Spoon throttle body and cluster. Thanks Grant
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    BLACK EK9 Build

    As it should be, sadly I have zero patience and everything needs doing yesterday lol
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    My 98 jdm dc2

    Awesome work, really enjoyed your thread :)
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    my ek9

    Lovely car mate! Enjoy the new ignition lead cover. I commented on insta saying lighting upgrade, your car has the USDM DRL kit which illuminates the indicator bulbs at 5w when lights are on :)
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    Kumo - EK9 CTR

    And just a few more pics :
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    Kumo - EK9 CTR

    This is how the car looked the day I brought her home : And this is where we are 2 months later : Since my last post I have made some nice additions in the form of : Toda A cams J's Racing C304 60 RS catback Cambelt service - Gates belt and OEM tensioner + water pump Spoon rear strut brace.
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    Kumo - EK9 CTR

    Long time EK9 fan, and finally after relocating to the UK I found myself in a position to acquire one. I found myself a 99 Type Rx which is happily at home alongside my other dream, a VW Golf MK4 R32. I am the second UK owner of the vehicle and it's currently on 158 000km (+-98200 miles). The...