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    Ek9 spoiler

    Hi mate Have one here in the white, £125 plus postage
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    MG 260mm N/S/R or 262 rear calipers

    Hi I have 98 spec ITR rear calipers here in decent working order
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    What's your occupation?? and civic

    LOL I have no part in taking anything from any individual
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    What's your occupation?? and civic

    Im Andy, 24 and I'm in Fraud investigation within the Revenue and Customs. This is how my ek sits at the moment waiting to go to the painter
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    my EF9 SIR b16b

    Beautiful car mate! would love another ef!
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    Nicole's turbo black ek9

    this is fantastic!
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    EK side skirts, not oem/standard

    cheers will drop them a line! your cars awesome btw!
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    EK side skirts, not oem/standard

    As title I'm after some aftermarket/non oem skirts to fit an ek, something along the lines of c-west/chargespeed Cheers Andy
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    Anyone know member CR1S?

    Hi guys, looking a contact number for CR1s, its pretty important that i get in contact with him Thanks Andy
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    Interior parts

    Hi, I'm looking for ek4/ek9 black plastic door pulls and surrounds, ie the bits you pull to open the doors from the inside, also need a black handbrake lever and sill plates/covers, better the condition the better, Thanks Andy
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    Anyone Selling Double Din Centre Console With Air Con Controls???

    They are circa £240 new from lings. ive had to buy 2 in the last couple of years, basically if you can get a second hand one cheaper thats separate from the rest of the conversion buy it
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    My h2b eg6

    can't wait to hear it! never mind see it! the green crx will have to watch his back if he's not already!
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    My h2b eg6

    seen this car run in person she's a rocket! real credit to you mate! will you have the sheepey built mani on for the September round at bishops-court?
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    eternal blue 2000

    Bought a few things from Ricky over the years, an ek9 plate recess being the latest this evening. well descibed and excellently priced as per usual. He is a gentleman and a scholar, the fact that he has been able to withstand multiple conversations and interactions with myself is testament to...
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    ARP headstuds/

    As title needing a set of headstuds for b20vtec/ b20 with b16 head. Must be able to post Thanks ANDY
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    Bought the spg off Mark there, he was flexible for when the courier could come to collect it etc, seat arrived very well packed in better condition than i thought it would be for the price asked/paid. Very happy with the product and would buy from Mark again! very quick responses and no messing...
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    MeisterR pictures and testimonial for our website!

    I'll see if i can get the shed cleared to get the r33 back out for some pics and a review.
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    Killer Vtec cams?

    I wouldn't touch them if the cars to be used on the road, you'll get much better use-ability retaining a traditional vtec setup with a high and low cam profile.
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    Quick clean!!!

    Awesome as usual Mate! (PS any chance of you coming to one of these local meets :-p Its been to long lol)
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    4 pot setup/parts for ek

    Could be, probabley out of my budget tho