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    Majimas EJ9 project

    I am not sure if this will help but try posting a question on Quora and Reddit. I hope that you find the answer that you need in order to finish this build. I am sure that you will not have a hard time searching for automotive accessories for it. There are plenty of shops to explore such as...
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    It's been almost a month since you posted this inquiry, have you managed to find an answer?
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    My starlight black pearl facelift ek9

    The update looks amazing, you're doing a job well done with this build.
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    It's been months, how did the replacement of wheels go on your Civic? Which set did you end up getting?
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    Martin's Civic EJ9

    I really like the recent update, you surely know how to take good car of a car.
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    This is really cool, but I'm not sure about painting the brand and model of the tires. By the way, the wheels on it are similar to Vorsteiner because of its 10-spoke design.
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    Advan RG1

    I found this on the internet check it out if you're still looking for a reference: I don't run RG1 on my EK, I am currently using the American Racing wheels AR904 model.
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    where can i buy the honda cl1 accord o2 sensor

    Have you found one?
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    Tire Recommendation

    Would anyone please share their thoughts on Toyo tires Proxes? I intend to put a set on my 2018 Civic if they are of good quality.
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    My EK9.... take 2

    The white wheels on this car complement its color.
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    Civic Jordan 258 rebuild

    You did a job well done with the engine bay upgrade of this car. I am excited to see how this build will turn out.
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    Mimms Honda Day - Croft Circuit - 11th July

    What happened at this event? Have you managed to steal some photos?
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    My 98 jdm dc2

    The progress looks great. I think the paint splash all over the tires of this car. I cant wait to see how this build will turn out.
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    OEM Civic Type R Pedal Set

    You should check the classified ads on the internet for price reference.
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    Will it be best to ask the previous owner of the car? I am sure that he could provide you all the details that you need about this car.
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    Civic FD2

    Keep us posted on your future plans for this car. Congratulations on this purchase. It is such a clean-looking white Civic.
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    JohnTurbo's EJ9 B18C4 Shed

    The progress looks good, you surely know what you want for this car considering the purchase list that you have indicated. Good luck, and I am excited to see how this build will turn out.
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    Cw ek9 hoylake

    Small world, you guys are neighbors.
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    My VI-RS (17000km), Supercharged B finally mapped

    The red seat looks so nice, I am excited to find out the next changes for your ride.
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    Mesh Grill

    Where did you get it? And have you installed it already? Care to share a photo?