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  1. Mark Mckay

    EK9 Facelift restoration

    Hello, nice one I Look forward to more updates :blinx:
  2. Mark Mckay

    Converting a 2017 FK8 Civic Type R into a Race Car

    WOW!! Top work so far :nice: looks sick
  3. Mark Mckay

    Ek4 civic

    Not sure. I don’t think I’ll use it tbh
  4. Mark Mckay

    Ek4 civic

    Thanks guys :nice:. I have loads still to do but I’m getting there slowly. Wee picture off my new centre caps and stickers for my wheels.
  5. Mark Mckay

    Ek4 civic

    **Update** Haven't had any time to work on the car to get it put back together but time will come. To keep the progress going i got my compomotive mo5 painted white and ordered new stickers and centre caps for them as I only had 3 centre caps and couldn’t find a single anywhere. Unsure as to...
  6. Mark Mckay

    Black Preface EJ6 Coupe - Track/Fast Road

    Super jealous of your engine :win:
  7. Mark Mckay

    Ek4 civic

    Yea that’s the truth mate. I planned to have it insured and out by June and tomorrow is The 1st and I’m know where near finished lol. My next update will be with polished lca etc and it getting undersealed hopefully :naughtyx:
  8. Mark Mckay

    Ek4 civic

    **update** Havnt got my lip or grill on yet :angry2: But small progress is better than no progress so I bought some coilovers so I can get the ride hieght just right :naughty: Hopefully I’ll get to work on it soon and get it all built up again.
  9. Mark Mckay

    My 9

    Nice one. What do you do with the car now?
  10. Mark Mckay

    First swiss ek9 and modding story

    I love detailing a car properly like this :bow::bow::bow:
  11. Mark Mckay

    B18C stopped and won't start, please help

    Check fuel pump didn’t give up or blocked? My ek4 that had been sitting a while wouldn’t start and if you left it a while it would start and then die again. I took fuel pump out and cleaned it and put it back in and it started first turn.
  12. Mark Mckay

    I'm the new guy!!!

    Nice one looks clean What’s the plans then?
  13. Mark Mckay

    I'm the new guy!!!

  14. Mark Mckay

    Where can I get a de wiper bung online?

    Cheers for that bud. :bow: Ordered one there £1.94 delivered to my door Hopefully it fits now haha
  15. Mark Mckay

    Who's still about?

    Get the build thread started mate :))
  16. Mark Mckay

    Where can I get a de wiper bung online?

    Looked at that but why does the picture show it on the window and a ek4 is on the boot that’s why I didn’t order it
  17. Mark Mckay

    Where can I get a de wiper bung online?

    Looking de wiper bung ASAP for ek4 civic?
  18. Mark Mckay

    Car history check

    If you go in to Dvla website and put your reg in it tells you all previous mots weither it passed or not and how many miles it had on each mot.
  19. Mark Mckay

    EK4 B18C

    Nice work :clap: What’s next then?
  20. Mark Mckay

    What there worth

    No one selling one atm or know anyone selling one that could shed some light ? :repost: