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  1. DMEK9

    How to Check if your Recaro seats arent fake?

    The close up looks like its of a real recaro with the red cloth....the pair of 'recaros' in other pics have no 'red cloth' on them so the close up doesn't look like of one of the pair.......imo
  2. DMEK9

    Soxturf"s EK9 Full Restoration

    Great job....well done for bringing it back! Look forward to further updates!
  3. DMEK9

    Rear optional strut brace?

    I understand they were Honda Access Dealer Fitted option... I have the matching pair in the front and back of my 9 ;)
  4. DMEK9

    New US Ek9 owner

    Thanks for the reply mate! Ok understood, thought I'd ask just in case...;)
  5. DMEK9

    Another new owner from the US- 1997 Vogue Silver EK9

    Post the chassis number in here..... @Dzero4 will be able to confirm if its a race base or not...!
  6. DMEK9

    New US Ek9 owner

    Hey Dcharles, Have you still got the original suspension? What condition is it in.? many Km's on them? I might be interested in buying the set up off you... Thanks
  7. DMEK9

    New US Ek9 owner

    Welcome!....the 9 looks clean and the teg looks cleaner :)) Great to see more people joining the forum now EK9's are going to the US!
  8. DMEK9

    My 98 jdm dc2

    Nice Honda Access strut brace :nice: the civic ones in front and back of my ek9
  9. DMEK9

    Respray my VSM EK9, what colour

    VSM defo.....sooo rare as Dzero4 points out, shame to be less another one...
  10. DMEK9

    Importing '98 EK9.

    lol....I remember trying to be patient waiting for mine!...:lol: Worth the wait tho.... :))
  11. DMEK9

    A guy from Asia who is coming to UK

    Welcome to the forum and the UK soon! :nice:
  12. DMEK9

    JDM Combe - 8th July 2023

    Booked up! Got to try get the flag from Sam this year.....and more 9's! :dance:
  13. DMEK9

    parts for ek9 type r 1999

    Probably better to throw up a rough list of what you are after, then peeps on here can advise accordingly...:nice:
  14. DMEK9

    97 Ek Hatch 99-00 Conversion *NEW COLOR Sage Grey*

    :welcome:.....yep cool colour!
  15. DMEK9

    New User London

  16. DMEK9

    Kumo - EK9 CTR

    Selling up......or just curious of value?
  17. DMEK9

    New member

    Are you looking at one in the States already or thinking of importing?
  18. DMEK9

    New member