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    INNER AND OUTER TIE ROD KIT (Full set, Genuine Honda Outers and unknown brand inners)

    As per title. I sold my EK9 year ago, but just come across these. Was intending to fit them as I was working through freshening up the joints to get it all back to new but sold it before doing so. Pair of genuine Honda tie rod ends - P/N 53540-S04-01R. These are in honda packaging, the green...
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    1999 Championship White EK9

    Anyone know whereabouts/current condition of this?
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    Budapest To Bamako Rally 2015

    Hello all, Haven't been on in a while. Sorely missing my ek9, but tenz78 seems to be keeping good care of her! Just wanted to try and muster up some support from you lovely lot for this rally I'm doing in January, We are fundraising but I'm not here begging for...
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    LED Lenser Torches

    Item for sale: LED lenser p14 torch Reputation: Jake123 Price: £30+ postage Paypal: Yes, if plus fees. Cash preffered Location: bedfordshire Condition: brand new, boxes Description: led lenser p14 torch, see led lenser site for info. As new, Very very bright Pictures: Please ask, It's just...
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    Ek9 Windscreen

    The ek9 screens are different. They also have a different tint. Depends how original you want to keep the car I guess. Screens from honda list at just under £400 now
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    Ek9 Windscreen

    I may have a genuine OEM screen for sale soon. Brand new, PM if interested
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    Brakes life for the Ring.

    The ring isn't really a brake heavy track either.
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    Am i getting scammed?

    :lol: Oh really...?
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    Brake cooling/ducting

    They are terrible. But what's the next step? 6th gen ATR calipers, do they really gain that much benefit?
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    Brake cooling/ducting

    Everybody moans about yellow stuff. I quite like them. I prefer them to ds2500 which are the alternatives. Not a lot of people make anything much more focused for the accord estate fitment ;)
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    Winning the lottery

    This HONDA CIVIC TYPE R X | 2000 | WHITE | 7,000 km | details.- Japanese used cars.Goo-net Exchange
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    Brake cooling/ducting

    Yes. The brakes fade. But currently it's only on oem pads and discs and probably very old fluid. It's an accord CM2, 2.4 tourer. And yes, true Jesse. I wouldn't mind doing some days over here though and currently the brakes are the weakest link on the car. I have an infrared...
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    Brake cooling/ducting

    Anyone tried this? For my accord I have mtec grooved discs on order, yellow stuff pads and ate superblue. But I'm thinking of running some ducting to aid cooling. Would I be wasting my time? Anyone had any experience? Thanks, Jake
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    Whats are they worth, Mugen Defis

    Everything goes for mad money in the states!
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    Oh god why

    Couldn't agree more. It's rubbish. They are brilliant all round tyres
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    Anybody live near bedford areodrome?

    I don't think bedford is a very interesting track. It's all flat and really really wide
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    Anybody live near bedford areodrome?

    They are the same place/next to each other anyway... Msv owns the aerodrome I think. Barely anything flys but they arrange some VIP stuff in and out I think.
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    Recaro Covers Suitable for Harnesses???

    Because they don't buy it to pose. They buy it because it does it's just - supportive and comfortable. And then they can keep the seat clean and use it. 👍
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    2001 JDM Honda Insight

    Sold ��
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    wanted, mugen or toda manifold b18

    I have a genuine maxim works