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  1. Civicfacelift

    Soxturf"s EK9 Full Restoration

    Pretty sure it’s seam sealer.
  2. Civicfacelift

    Soxturf"s EK9 Full Restoration

    Are you going to do a refresh on the engine while its out ?
  3. Civicfacelift

    New R81 EG6 (update page 4) 03/05/23

    So I purchased an ep3 type r .. was hoping to get a dc2 but the ep3 popped up at a good price. it needs some work but I've bought it with the plan to use on track and give the eg6 a break. The EP3 is a k24 frank with a dc5 gearbox and 5.1 FD so it should be at home on track. I really like the...
  4. Civicfacelift

    Soxturf"s EK9 Full Restoration

    just came across this thread now, great to see an ek9 being restored to its former glory! MVB work looks top class, prices on their website seem reasonable given how good that looks.
  5. Civicfacelift

    New R81 EG6 (update page 4) 03/05/23

    Some pics from a recent trackday with Hiro racing. Fantastic cars on display. Managed to get a prize which was an unexpected bonus!
  6. Civicfacelift

    My 98 jdm dc2

    advans look great! looking forward to the new look, Stephens work looks top class.
  7. Civicfacelift

    Another new owner from the US- 1997 Vogue Silver EK9

    looks great in silver, what other cars have you ?
  8. Civicfacelift

    Importing '98 EK9.

    looks lovely, type r badge on boot is a little out of position though. nice DX as well.
  9. Civicfacelift

    Respray my VSM EK9, what colour

    VSM x3
  10. Civicfacelift

    What goes here?

    looks to have been drilled possibly to hold the wheel nut wrench or mount a battery in boot or maybe something mounted underneath but its a strange location.. certainly not oem. if it was in the well of boot, I would have said to leave out water .
  11. Civicfacelift

    My 98 jdm dc2

    Looking good man, will be interesting to see how the car performs with the intake/exhaust on dyno now . Are you going to take it on track for Hiro day ?
  12. Civicfacelift

    ek9 brake upgrade kits

    Most of the wilwood kits have templates you can print off to check clearance. I have 4 pot wilwoods fitting with 15" wheels but it all depends on wheel width ,offset etc.
  13. Civicfacelift

    EK9 style rear chassis brace crash bar ( Part# 74370-S03-Z00ZZ )

    Fitted mine today with no issues. good quality part.
  14. Civicfacelift

    Question on oil catch tank for B16

    I stole this from another post on here but this is what I will be doing myself. link: one hose from rocker to breather one hose from black box to breather cap off PCV vacuum on inlet manifold cap off valve cover...
  15. Civicfacelift

    K swapped EJ9 project

    good idea getting the trim from the rear seat, matches well.
  16. Civicfacelift

    New User

    Welcome to the forum! Two good cars you have there already.. Any pics of the mx5 ? Have a boosted Eunos myself.
  17. Civicfacelift

    K24A Civic EG Racecar

    Great car and price...saw a lot of this car from Joe B and Dannydc2 youtube videos.. Best of luck with sale !
  18. Civicfacelift

    EK9 style rear chassis brace crash bar ( Part# 74370-S03-Z00ZZ )

    Hi , These look great. Can you let me know price posted to Ireland. Thanks
  19. Civicfacelift

    NeilVtec EK9 Build up

    Welcome back, that looks like a well kept example.. more pics needed !
  20. Civicfacelift

    New Owner in the States!

    Welcome, hopefully a lot more EK9 builds incoming from the USA!