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  1. Jimbo

    Front end damaged 2004 NHB EP3

    As the title says guys, 2004 NHB CTR, it had a front end shunt and the insures deemed it an uneconomically repair. The engine still runs well so would make an ideal donor car for a Kswap or for someone who wants to break it for parts. The millage currently shows 128K but the engine was replaced...
  2. Jimbo

    My b16 turbo ek4

    Brilliant build thread dude.
  3. Jimbo

    Dc2 Recaro seat cleaning

    I'll second the woolite for cleaning, it worked very well indeed. As for mixture ratio, I found a little went a fair way, couple of caps per bucket.
  4. Jimbo

    Hello from scotland!

    Welcome to the forum.
  5. Jimbo


    Get some pics up dude.
  6. Jimbo

    Jordan 100

    welcome to the forum
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  8. Jimbo

    Rob's EK9 Progress

    Looking good dude.
  9. Jimbo

    Orange mohican!

    Please tell me you not leaving it orange mate.
  10. Jimbo

    B18c Newbie

    There's a reason why you have to have 50 posts for a wanted thread!
  11. Jimbo

    New boy

    Welcome tithe forum, get some pics up.
  12. Jimbo

    Ecu for ej9

    Waste of time dude.
  13. Jimbo

    ecu help!

    There's plenty of tuners in Scotland, Henry Roy is no where near 700 miles away from you!
  14. Jimbo

    Meet the new guy

    Welcome to the forum, very nice dude.
  15. Jimbo

    Honda Civic Type R EK9 Facelift Y56 Yellow Lots of Carbon

    Still needs to abide by the rules and list items in the correct for sale format!
  16. Jimbo

    Check your PM's dude

    Check your PM's dude
  17. Jimbo

    K20a Flywheel, Coil packs, starter, alternater

    You paid €80 + vat!!! Why ???
  18. Jimbo

    newbie :)

    Welcome to the forum.
  19. Jimbo

    Hello people :)

    Welcome to the forum.
  20. Jimbo

    4-2-1 manifold too low..

    The cheaper manifolds are renowned for this, the build quality and tolerances are crap! Your issues sounds exactly like an old friend of mines, the flange on the header had been welded on at an angle thus causing the manifolds collector to almost point down towards the ground! My advice would...