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    Ek9 228bhp race car (B18c6)

    Hi, I'm trying to get an idea of what my track/race car is worth as I am a bit out of touch with values. Spec and pics are below and it runs and drives great. It has a v5, chassis plate etc and could be made road legal as all lights etc are still in place. Any body any ideas of what it is...
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    Adjustable Front ARB

    Looking for an adjustable front arb for an ek? Not sure if a front integra one fits the ek as well as I know the rear does? Thanks
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    Mapping - who are the go to places/ people?

    I am looking for a rolling road map on an AEM ECU, can anybody recommend a decent mapper? Perferably as near to Gloucestershire as possible. Thanks
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    Mapping on a P28 and Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)

    Does anyone know if the VSS signal is used when mapping on a P28 or if it is ignored/deleted? I am currently running a gearbox without the VSS and wondered if the signal is required or if the P28 has the ability to ignore it? Thanks
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    DC5 rear calipers on EK

    Does anyone know if DC5 rear calipers will fit on an EK? Thanks
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    WTB: Tuned B16a engine

    Hi, I am looking for a modified B16a engine. The engine must be based on the B16a (I know a B16b would be a better base but it will not meet regs). If anybody has anything available please let me know. Thanks
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    Non Sunroof UK EK wanted

    Hi, After being let down on a car I am on the look out for a UK non sunroof Civic - the car will be totally overhauled but I am looking for the cleanest shell I can find with any modifications or good running engine etc being a bonus. The car must be a UK car to comply with championship...
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    Opinions: AEM or Apexi ECU for B Series Build

    Hi, Apologies for my first post jumping straight into technical, but I am after some advise and after searching I thought I'd ask. We are currently in the process of a B16 build to run in a Saloon championship next season. All major parts must be from a UK car (shell, engine and gearbox). I am...