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    Swap my dc5 for an ek9 k20

    Hi mate I may be interested in a px with my k20 dc2 for ur dc5 Drop me a text on 07929390530 if interested
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    I used a dc5 y2m3 with lsd was a lot of fun
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    Mitsubishi Evo 8 MR FQ-320...Possible P/X Facelift CW EK9??

    is this still for sale?
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    Tein coilovers , k swap parts for eg

    Hasport eg Kswap mounts for sale if interested and also got apexi n1 coilovers for sale Let me know if interested Aroon
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    b16a2 starting issues

    sounds like a bad earth or bad battery. should be atleast 3 earths if i remember correctly make sure they are all bolted on. Push start the car and then take it one of these tyre fitter places like quick fit as they do free battery tests and can tell you if your battery is faulty.
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    Chi's K20 Build Completed.. Pic Heavy!

    very nice build dude if i was to do another kswap it would have to be a phoenix yellow k24 dc2 lol
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    SOLD!!!! 15" WHITE VOLKS TE37'S - 5x114.3

    You have pm
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    Jap EG9 braking

    Pm me back about what you want to do with alloys mate still waiting for a price delivered Aroon
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    Skunk 2 74mm throttle body k20 K swap

    you have pm
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    misfire in vtec

    Might be worth seeing if you can borrow a dizzy to see if this cures your problem
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    Red Bride Zeta II Seats & Rails

    could someone confirm how to check if these are genuine please.
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    Red Bride Zeta II Seats & Rails

    can you put pics of the backs of these seats also please
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    Red Bride Zeta II Seats & Rails

    you have pm
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    Jap EG9 braking

    you have pm
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    Facelift yellow ek9

    I have sent you a text buddy.
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    Ek9 shell facelift cw

    you have pm
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    cusco 1.5 way diff for k-series box

    i believe some machining is needed to make the b series diff fit into a k series box as a friend has done a few for friends however not sure if the other way around is possible.
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    b18c4 having trouble starting when warm

    I would start with the basics first buddy as its possible you may have a clogged up fuel filter so try changing that and see how it goes. or try another main relay that controls the fuel pump..(if you cant hear the fuel pump prime)