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  1. big_H

    EK Bucket Seat Rail

    Ive got a bride low seat rail.
  2. big_H

    Driver side Dc2 rail

    As above please :)
  3. big_H

    Ek9 camshafts, hondata s300, BYS front bumper

    Got Brain Cowler stage 2 cams with skunk pullys.
  4. big_H

    S2000 roof

    Needing Asap closest to Scotland as poss.
  5. big_H

    Ferodo 2500

    I find the Fd2500 are alot better that yellow stuff !
  6. big_H

    Ek9 starter motor

    As above, mine is on its way out :-( Thanks Henry.
  7. big_H

    Drive in the sun in the 9

    Hahaha, what happens when you push buttons on the Go Pro!
  8. big_H

    Drive in the sun in the 9

  9. big_H

    Oil Sandwich Plate

    For an Ek9. Thanks Henry
  10. big_H

    Civic Type R EP3 Rear Brake Calipers

    Needing some cheap rear ep3 calipers that work asap! Cheers
  11. big_H

    My B20 EK9 NEW (250bhp 160+tq)

    Lol Sounds like theres bits falling off !
  12. big_H

    Crail banzai Sunday 5th of may?

    Should be there !
  13. big_H

    2.5" Donut Gasket

    Try your local garage, got a few for nothing off them.
  14. big_H

    1997 Starlight Black Ek9 For Sale

    My mates old car. good example Glws mate !
  15. big_H

    Ferodo 2500

    Hi guys, Where is the best place to get ferodo 2500?
  16. big_H

    CW ek9 going south on A9 Scotland?

    Haha aye my mates a prick! We drove past a lorry and he had arse up at the window !
  17. big_H

    CW ek9 going south on A9 Scotland?

    Aye that was me heading to Fort gorge haha! Yeah burns a wee bit of oil.
  18. big_H

    Ek9 preface lift Inverness Sunday

    May have been me mate.
  19. big_H

    White EK9 Aviemore 13.01.13 R*** XBT

    Could of been me mate.:nice:
  20. big_H

    Loss of power?

    I was just driving along normally and my engine management light come on, and it felt like it lost power and wouldnt rev as hard? Any help would be handy Thanks