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  1. Deans96r

    Ek9 k24 turbo, quaife sequential

    Any videos of the car mate? Would love to see it going
  2. Deans96r

    Few photos of my coupe

    Get some engine bay pics up before the build :)
  3. Deans96r

    Identification help plz

    Yeah I’d second that, eBay sleeves
  4. Deans96r

    JUN ek4 SiR

    End of an era today, cars sold! 5 great years of ownership I’ve had with it and loved every minute but it’s definitely time for a change. Told the new owner about the forum so fingers crossed he comes on.
  5. Deans96r

    Would 15x 9 jdm miata fit a honda civic

    If they’re 4x100 pcd they will bolt on to the car then it’s a matter of making them fit the arches with being 9” wide etc
  6. Deans96r

    JUN ek4 SiR

    Took a drive down the coast a few weeks back with some mates, cracking night as per! Also the civics just been mot’d again and it’s done less than 500 miles since the last one lol
  7. Deans96r

    JUN ek4 SiR

  8. Deans96r

    Ek4 SiR electric windows issue

    All sorted now guys, thanks.
  9. Deans96r

    Ek4 SiR electric windows issue

    Mate that would be great if you could check for me :) thanks
  10. Deans96r

    Ek4 SiR electric windows issue

    Thanks mate I did think about the wiring tbh, but it’s just the way they were working and then both totally stopped whilst I was in the car, not as if I was opening and closing doors etc if you get me. I’ll start checking voltages etc tho cheers
  11. Deans96r

    Ek4 SiR electric windows issue

    Oh is there? I didn’t know there was a relay there I’ll check that out first, thanks mate
  12. Deans96r

    Ek4 SiR electric windows issue

    As above guys, both windows have randomly stopped working... they were totally fine until I put the passenger window up and now neither work at all. I’ve checked all the fuses and the black relay under the dash that seem to have anything to do with the windows also tried a known working main...
  13. Deans96r

    EK9 Racecar

    Superb mate and congratulations on becoming a dad!
  14. Deans96r

    Paintballer´s white EK9 from Germany

    Not sure if it’s just me buddy but the pics don’t work ?
  15. Deans96r

    Japfest Silverstone 2018

    I’m one of the very few people nowadays that isn’t on Facebook so still use / look at the forum regular and it’s a shame how much it’s shrunk in terms of posts etc in general. Would be good to keep everything going as much as possible with who’s still here.
  16. Deans96r

    Part number or chassis number req

    Quick look online I found this to be the part number for the tube? 11111-PR3-300
  17. Deans96r

    I'm the new guy!!!

    Looks pretty good mate, welcome along
  18. Deans96r

    JUN ek4 SiR

    Thanks mate, I’m genuinely not sure on the offset I’ll check
  19. Deans96r

    JUN ek4 SiR

    Yeah buddy still have it at the moment, cheers
  20. Deans96r

    JUN ek4 SiR

    Rare occasion the car got to come outside lol, shortly after this it started raining and the civic got put back in the garage