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  1. vk9

    which ecu for jordan b16??

    cheers for the info :nice: appreciated
  2. vk9

    1989 Honda Civic EF-9 siR jdm Polar white

    beutiful car , good luck with the sale
  3. vk9

    which ecu for jordan b16??

    My friend is soon to purchase a jordan engine to swap into his ek3 . Although he needs to buy an ecu for it. Im fairly sure he needs a jdm ecu and i think obd2. Also im sure the engine is either b16a2 or b16a4. please correct me if I am wrong. can some body help me please. thanks in...
  4. vk9

    can some one photo shop please =)

    keep them bronze or the red on the 2nd pic looks alright
  5. vk9

    ssb ek tunnel pic shoot

    good pictures mate , liking the 'SSB' tag on the wall :P
  6. vk9

    EK9 Proto types

    very cool find
  7. vk9

    Look what just got :)

    what i want mine too look like :nice: , very nice
  8. vk9

    ONe unique CTR

    nice , something different :nice:
  9. vk9

    Yellow EK9 + Yellow DC2

    very nice cars there dunx
  10. vk9

    Help Please!

    It well could be be your rear trailig arm bushes , I was driving my car with both RTA bushes severly perished and the back end had a mind of its own snaking and kicking out and quite a few scary noises...
  11. vk9

    My new wheels, 17's hell yeah!

    haha I agree Btw blinx , do they rub on the arches at all?
  12. vk9

    not an ek9 but a white EM1 (usdm)

    x2 yeah real sweet coupe you've got there mate
  13. vk9

    My new wheels, 17's hell yeah!

    i like em ¬!
  14. vk9

    really cheap ek9 ?

    I seen this ek9 for sale for £4,444. I wounder why its so cheap , any ideas? Honda Civic Type R Ek9 Light Weight Import Rare Find 4444.00 | Lotus & Honda Cars
  15. vk9

    Painted my rocker cover

    nice job there looks cleannn
  16. vk9

    **NSFW** b18 Boobies :D

  17. vk9

    rwd eg6 anyone?

    sweet , good driver
  18. vk9

    EK4 user from Japan

    welcome !
  19. vk9

    Anyone have the Eibach sportline springs?

    SAME! just had them re-fitted aswell , how inconvenient!!!! :(( :angry2: if they're getting sent to america , its probably goin to take over a month or so for them to decide whether they are faulty or not and to send the springs back . Eibach should send us a free set of shocks each aswell ...
  20. vk9

    Happy Chinese New Year

    Happy new year!