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  1. Murray

    Knockhill trackday dates for 2019? Any help from Scottish members

    Track Scotland have track days also. Not sure on dates
  2. Murray

    B16a2 engine work

    B16b cams are a nice upgrade over stock. Would need the springs and retainers though if you plan on upping the rev limit. Pretty sure b16a inlet springs are the same as the ek9 exhaust springs.
  3. Murray

    How to tell if a steering rack has been converted to manual

    As above it sounds like the piston was never removed so it was never converted properly to a manual rack. Your rack should function ok with it all set back up
  4. Murray

    How to tell if a steering rack has been converted to manual

    If the piston has been removed then the power steering will just pump fluid around and wont make a difference.
  5. Murray

    Help With turbo Build Please

    Was probably wheel hop that killed the shaft lol! Catch can getting fed from the black box plus another two added ports on the cam cover. I dont think anyone has ever put a td04 on a b16. Would have very little lag but would be out of puff top end and strangling the motor. They are a pretty...
  6. Murray

    Help With turbo Build Please

    Tdo4 is too small for your goals. Youl need a tdo5. You will need your sump modified for turbo oil drain. What size are the injectors? Look at 550cc minimum. Standard shafts will be ok. Power doesnt break shafts. Torque and grip do. Nothing about a boost control? Extrernal waste gate or...
  7. Murray

    Advice on rear trailing arm bushes!!

    I had poly bushes in the Crx, rear end was planted at all times...... just to throw a cat amongst the pigeons:))
  8. Murray

    Wiseco pistons b16

    I used a standard Honda gasket. They cope very well under boost.
  9. Murray

    Wiseco pistons b16

    Yes you do need to check them as I had the exact same setup and had to tweak them, you can either bend them slightly or file the end off them (if filing them make sure to properly clean them!)
  10. Murray

    Rwd converstion

    No be easier to turn the rear diff upside down? Means the diff rotates the opposite way but because the honda motors spin the opposite direction the diff rotates the right way?
  11. Murray


    It shot of the line! 1.6 60ft too:nice:
  12. Murray

    Manifold opinions ??

    Super sprint manifolds work well. Had one on the crx before I turbo'd it. It was a 4-2-1
  13. Murray

    Looking for drag semi slicks

    I used yokohama a048 semi slicks and run 12.4. Grippy enough for what I needed.
  14. Murray

    THE OMEN "evil tuned" ej9 b18c4 turbo build...

    Now you need to find more traction lol
  15. Murray

    Took the car to York drags

    Looks pretty good. If I were you I would remove the launch control though, or take a laptop with you so you can adjust it there to suit different conditions.:nice: How do they measure the 0-60mph time?
  16. Murray

    Took the car to York drags

    Good time for the 1st time there. What did the rest of the run look like? 60ft etc?
  17. Murray

    Hello. I might need some help from you guys. These should do it:nice:
  18. Murray

    Hello. I might need some help from you guys.

    There has been B series motors put in the mk3 before. Pretty sure you do get engine mounts.
  19. Murray

    Rocker cover question

  20. Murray

    Brands hatch 55.1

    Classic lift of over steer haha! Well done on the PB