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  1. Ally138

    My EK9.... take 2

    Ah I nearly went too, only because I didn't see an EK9 on that list and would seem wrong to have a Type R meet without one but it ended being too early for me haha! am glad you did rep the 9s! looking good :cool:
  2. Ally138

    R1PPU's EJ9 Build Up

    Tidy as usual. When do you think you’ll move onto k ;)
  3. Ally138

    EK9 sold Japanese auction £57,000 WOW

    Been hounding my mate to straight swap the civic for his 911 GT3 for the last few years. He’ll be kicking himself soon ;)
  4. Ally138

    Mileage and year

    If I remember correctly, the shell is about 70k miles, the engine itself is around 90k but the dials read around 120k the joys of reviving a 9
  5. Ally138

    Any og's still on here?

    Don’t come on as much as I used to, definitely not as often as those every 5 min study breaks during uni. Still got the 9 but my suitcase has seen more mileage in recent years! Good times back then especially the old layout. Hope everyone is keeping safe and well during weird times p.s. still...
  6. Ally138

    Genuine EK9 windscreen

    Hi Mate, check with your insurer before you call Autoglass repair. Because I got a genuine ek9 glass (green tint) from them by giving them the part number and my ek9 chassis. So my insurer told me to say to them that I only want a genuine Honda glass. They kept me informed about the waiting...
  7. Ally138

    Hey how is everyone!?

    Hey guys and gals, Long time since a visit on here. I was going through some old holiday pics and got to the Type One garage and suddenly remembered I still own an EK9 - if you’re wondering what’s that like, it’s exactly the same feeling as finding a tenner in an old pair of jeans ;) Hope...
  8. Ally138

    BGW - New

  9. Ally138


    Thanks for the interest, now sold
  10. Ally138


    Hi mate, Yeah fits standard on my ek9. Felt nice upgrade from an eBay one I had :) fire a pm over if you're needing this. Cheers
  11. Ally138

    My 98 CW EK9

    Looking good Ross, and good to see you still have this!
  12. Ally138

    The mighty b16b roars again

    Hey dude! Good to see you've got it running! Drop you a text some time! I've not popped over for that horn as I've been pretty swamped and managed to get one sorted
  13. Ally138

    Rust treatment stuff

  14. Ally138

    BGW - New

    still here
  15. Ally138


    Item for sale: MFactory Carbon Short Shifter Reputation: Price: £sold Paypal?: Yes Location: Glasgow Condition: Used Description: In good condition, it has done no more than 1000 miles since my EK9 never moves. You check out the Mfactory...
  16. Ally138

    How do you feel now post Brexit?

    A cold cold pint sounds good! I'm just raging that the Euros have dropped like fuk as I'm going to the Oktoberfest this year and was banking on getting decent rates on a remain vote! Besides my ignorant/selfish motive, I still don't think having an independent Scotland will resolve our...
  17. Ally138

    How do you feel now post Brexit?

    The ironic thing is that Scotland (or SNP) want independence from the rest of the UK but want to join/remain in the EU. The EU frankly couldn't give a damn about Scotland and as mentioned, everyone else will wanna follow UK and leave EU which will just weaken them further. My question is why...
  18. Ally138

    BGW - New

  19. Ally138

    Facelift CW EK9 Loch Lomond

    Seen yesterday just by the Lomond cruise. Was pretty clean
  20. Ally138

    Windscreen question!

    I wanted to replace mine too but I'm not sure if they even make windscreens for ek9 anymore and if they did you would most likely need to get it delivered from Japan! Don't see it being cheap though.. Did you go with a mainstream insurer or one of those specialist ones? Mainstream one will...