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  1. muhammadravat9

    What M3??

    Very true ^. If its a daily u can probably justify the depreciation but definately not the depreciation on a sitter
  2. muhammadravat9

    Rear Seats ek4

    Quick question, cant seem to find an answer. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have a facelift ek4, will preface ek4 rear seats fit into my facelift? Ive been told there different...
  3. muhammadravat9

    SSB EK4 kanjo inspired

    And itll look amazing. Love this colour. I dnt like prefaces but this is very nice
  4. muhammadravat9

    My EK9 Barbados

    Is that s2k sol's?
  5. muhammadravat9

    My EK9 Barbados

    Some very nice mods, this 9 is gonna be alive with them! Love ur favourite shot!
  6. muhammadravat9

    Paul J Smith Detailing : EK9 Civic Type R

    Wow. Fresh aint the word! Top work
  7. muhammadravat9

    Corey's EK4 VTI '99 SSB (Now rebuilding)

    Bet u cant wait to get this insured! A month will fly by. Personally I think theres quite alot happening at the back. Id remove badges or mid spoiler just to tidy it, just an opinion. Your decision is most important!
  8. muhammadravat9

    EK9 Racecar

    Brilliant pic!:clap:
  9. muhammadravat9

    My VSM EJ9

    Bay looks clean n fresh. Love the grid v. Mugen steering wheel :shocked:
  10. muhammadravat9

    My VSM EJ9

    Looks sweet and in really good nick! Makes me miss my silver ek. Like ur rocker color. Any more pics? Interiot, bay shots? Plans sound good...
  11. muhammadravat9

    The EK9 is alive!

    Almost became a myth! Looking fresh now! Waiting for more vids...
  12. muhammadravat9

    pdapaul's YellowSpeed Time Attack EKK24 on ITBS

    Cant wait to see the rear quarters wrapped with ur wheels on. Love the arch work!
  13. muhammadravat9

    '98 Pre-facelift Black Ek9

    Black ek9 with 8inch bronze te37... :bow:
  14. muhammadravat9

    My EK4 ( killer B)

    Looks a real good example. That mileage is loooow! Any bay and interior shots? Perfect lowering height I think
  15. muhammadravat9

    Caged em1 coupe

    That steering wheels looks lovely. Im actually on the fence about this same wheel. Im tempted now!
  16. muhammadravat9

    Colby's EK9

    Very nice 9, the white volks were really nice. The bronze volks r gonna set this off! Nice mods on this. Like to see Wat power u make with those mods...
  17. muhammadravat9

    Corey's EK4 VTI '99 SSB (Now rebuilding)

    I dnt think ive ever seen ek9 spoiler combined with mid spoiler hence the question. Spoon is more oem+ but id go with ek9 without tilt brackets. U need interior on a daily I find
  18. muhammadravat9

    Corey's EK4 VTI '99 SSB (Now rebuilding)

    Id like to see pics with ek9 spoiler and mid spoiler. Love ssbp! Bay looks fresher now Rocker cover and brackets done in black
  19. muhammadravat9

    Civic EJ9 build: Take 2.

    Thats a nice delivery. Cant beat new parts onto a practically new car once ur done! Love the work going into this
  20. muhammadravat9

    Ajza-k - EJ9 B18CR :)

    46K! Thats almost new! I like the green... Thats a nice jump with the engine swap. Did u get rear brakes done in the end?