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    **GROUPBUY!** PLM X Braces for EG, EK & DC2. The best X brace and £100 saving on RRP!

    EK Fitted pictures. :D More pictures on the website, click the link in the first post
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    **GROUPBUY!** PLM X Braces for EG, EK & DC2. The best X brace and £100 saving on RRP!

    Hey guys and girls, We've got an order leaving this month from PLM and now is the chance to get one of these awesome bars. I've had so many people asking about these and when they'll be back in stock, I've decided to run a groupbuy so everyone wanting one can get in on the deal. PLM...
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    Get a FREE £5 or £10 H-Tune voucher from us this weekend!

    WEEKEND OFFER! Get a £5 or £10 voucher with a £50 or £100 spend on our store this weekend! It would be rude not to! :D All vouchers will be sent on Monday via email.
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    Forza Horizon Race Night - Friday 22nd.

    Tonight is the night! Get online for some banter!
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    Forza Horizon Race Night - Friday 22nd.

    Any gamers on here? There is only around 8 players in a game / party, so its first come first serve really, Usually have a good bit of fun, come along and play. :D FORZA HORIZON RACE NIGHT - Join my SESSION/PARTY @ 7PM on FRIDAY if you want to play. Mostly Honda racing, and some...
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    Win £1000 of Skunk2, Blox & H-Tune Vouchers @ H-Tune

    HUGE PRODUCT GIVEAWAY: Follow instructions to enter to win.... STEP 1: Visit and Like our facebook page STEP 2: Comment on & Like this photo. STEP 3: COMMENT ON THIS POST! Well Choose a random winner from once we hit each level from our facebook fans. -Get us 5,000 FANS to...
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    Skunk2 £1 Raffle!! - Get Skunk2 Parts for £1

    WINNER = Tony Connolly Thanks for everyone who entered. This has been very popular so we'll be adding a new raffle soon.
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    Skunk2 £1 Raffle!! - Get Skunk2 Parts for £1

    Skunk2 £1 Raffle!! Click to take part -> Skunk2 Shift Knob - £1 RAFFLE! We need to sell 46 tickets to make this work. I think its a great idea and you guys get the chance to win something for £1. Rules will be as follows : * £1 per ticket, Buy as many as you like to increase...
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    Synchrotech Rebuild Kits & Carbon Syncro's

    We've got a big stock order going into Syncrotech USA. Does anybody need a gearbox rebuild kit or some carbon syncro's etc? Order will be placed approx 11th Feb, Please message us or email for a quote on anything. Synchrotech - Honda & Acura Transmissions
  10. H-Tune - New Deal - 46% OFF Blox Racing Lug Nuts

    You can see the current deals by clicking here Dont forget to Subscribe!
  11. H-Tune - New Deal - 30% OFF PLM B Series Header

    We've sold a few to EK9 ownders with good reports back. One of my Friends Dave who is a member on here runs one and loves it. I cant remember his username, You wont be disappointed, These are not cheap ebay crap. Still 6 days left on the deal.
  12. H-Tune - New Deal - 30% OFF PLM B Series Header

    Thanks We've got some garages and other places in line to get some deals up for you guys too
  13. H-Tune - New Deal - 30% OFF PLM B Series Header

    We've all heard of Groupon yeah? Every wished they done stuff for your Honda? We'll we've got the next best thing. Every week we will be putting up deals from ourselves and our friends. This wont be limited to products only, But Services including labor rates, Tuning sessions, Service deals...
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    Function7 LCA Groupbuy -

    Yeah, We can get the whole range from them. They are not the quickest thing to order, as it takes 2-3 weeks at least. They are a slow company to deal with. Drop me a PM with what you nee and i'll get you a price and availability.
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    FREE Apexi Intake - Take part in our competition.

    Hey guys, First off, I hope this is OK to post in here? I was going to put it in the trade section but its not really a part for sale, Feel free to move if needed. We have recently hit 1000 likes on Facebook, Thanks very much for the support people! we appreciate it loads! if your not...
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    Civic EK for sale - B18C4 - £1500 Priced to sell.

    Forgot to mention, It has a custom made exhaust. Spoon style back box and sounds really nice. (Not loud, Just a perfect noise)
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    Civic EK for sale - B18C4 - £1500 Priced to sell.

    Selling this as its sitting there not doing much on my drive. Someone might as well have some use from it. Its a great car, but not a showroom example. My B18c4 EK for sale, 85K B18C4 Engine Wrinkle Red rocker NGK Performance HT Leads & new plugs 4-1 Exhaust Manifold LSD Gearbox...
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    Poly Bushes - Massive stock clearance!

    What browser are you using? Or are you on your phone? Its fully working.
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    Poly Bushes - Massive stock clearance!

    We've got a load of Prothane suspension parts sitting we need to clear. If you haven't heard of Prothane, they are similar to Energy suspension, But offer a lifetime cover on their bushes. They are a far better bush. Just not as popular as Energy here in the UK. Here is the list of the...
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    Carbon Rear spoiler - x 1 to clear @ lowprice

    Hey guys, We've got one of these that arrived with minor damage to have it reduced to clear. Drop me a PM for paypal details, Usually £230, Selling for £165 + £10 postage. Aerodynamics Spoiler Carbon Type R - Civic 95-01 3dr Pictures of Damage