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  1. TheBooosh...!

    JUN ek4 SiR

    Love this! If ever you do decide to sell please let me know, This is one of the Few Ek's that would get me back into one :)
  2. TheBooosh...!

    B18 turbo ek4

    I take it you are going to make a bracket to hold the turbo in place?
  3. TheBooosh...!

    THE OMEN "evil tuned" ej9 b18c4 turbo build...

    Servicing wont save your engine, of course a well serviced engine will have an increased time til failure, but everything fails eventually. All parts that undergo cyclic load suffer from something called metal fatigue, by adding boost will increase temperatures and stress loads, in turn...
  4. TheBooosh...!

    Corbeau Pro Race Bucket Seat

    For Sale: Corbeau Pro Race Seat Location: Walsall, West Midlands Description: Dark blue fixed bucket seat with detatchable chushions. Condition: 7/10 looks to be an older style seat, the shell and fabric are both in perfecr working order with slight wear. Price: £90 + £15 delivery + paypal fees...
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    THE OMEN "evil tuned" ej9 b18c4 turbo build...

    :nerv: Fair play mate! Lets hope you get to build it before it lets go.
  6. TheBooosh...!

    THE OMEN "evil tuned" ej9 b18c4 turbo build...

    Mid to low 12s with proper tyres i reckon. Is this stock internals?
  7. TheBooosh...!

    EK9 Racecar

    Fair play for taking on this challenge! looks like its going to work well. Are you going to back purge when welding? If not I would seriously consider doing so to ensure a nice proper strong weld. keep bringing the updates
  8. TheBooosh...!


    Get rid of the toe up front. What camber are you running? Any toe on the rear?
  9. TheBooosh...!

    K Swap Rebuild EK

    If your only looking for 300-350 i wouldnt even bother building it, 7psi ish with a decent turbo setup and your good to go on all stock components. Just a clutch.
  10. TheBooosh...!

    Back in a Honda

    Thanks Jesse. I know! Tickle of boost and youve got 400ponies with no stress at all! I run 1.5 bar in the evo and only see 375! Crazy potential, best 4 cylinder since its debut in 2001 :)
  11. TheBooosh...!

    Back in a Honda

    Alright Guys, Ever since selling the Ek9 I wanted to be back in a Honda so after selling my S3 I have decided to go back to my roots for the new daily. I had one back 9 years ago when I was a wee 20 year old. I still have the Evo which I hardly use but cannot justify selling it as I know it is...
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    EK9 Racecar

    My bet is on the jumper harness, even the top quality ones can have issues. Like jesse says he got a new one and its solved the issue. Either that or the ecu as these s300 seem to be very temperamental. Go to Jesses and swap one thing at a time until solved :)
  13. TheBooosh...!

    EK9 Racecar

    Have you tried it with TPS unplugged?
  14. TheBooosh...!

    EK9 Racecar

    Does it happen every time? Or intermittently?
  15. TheBooosh...!

    EK9 Racecar

    Was that not a brand new exhaust dude? Hangers should not be falling off at any point let alone a few months later! Also the flanges look like they are starting rust! Do you know what material they used?
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    D series questions

    Thanks for the mention Pete! In all honesty there really isnt much difference in the ratios of the d series boxes. Yes they are different but that minimal that you wouldnt notice in my opinion, especially when boosted. How much power are you looking for? D series boxes arent the best box out...
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    Audi S3 8L 1.8t Imola Yellow

    Hi, For sale is my 2001 (51) Imola Yellow Audi S3 with all black leather interior and gunmetal grey wheels. I have owned the car for the 3+ years. Currently sitting just under 146 000 miles, will increase as daily use. MOT – November 17th 2017 Tax – Buyer to arrange own as per current law...
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    MidDevelopments D16y8 Turbo Build.

    Right on with the updates! So the last time this was updated we were on the look out for a rear disc conversion. We no have one from an EK4, all stripped down and powder coated black with new bearings, discs and pads. This is now fitted to the car although we do need to give the calipers a...
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    MidDevelopments D16y8 Turbo Build.

    Updates on this tonight! In the mean time if you could take 2 minutes to read this I would be very grateful. Thanks
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    Snowdonia Charity Challenge

    Hi All, I hope you are all well. Myself and three work colleagues at Twente Express (Day Job) have signed up for the 2017 Snowdonia Charity Challenge which takes place on June 10th. The challenge...