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  1. hondacivic028

    My Dc2 track car lap of Kirkistown.. UPDATED

    What bhp/whp did it make after mapping ?
  2. hondacivic028

    Ek9 brake calipers

    I have front calipers
  3. hondacivic028

    B series exhaust manifold

    I have a 5 zigen pro racer 421 manifold for sale .
  4. hondacivic028

    Hello everyone

    Welcome come along
  5. hondacivic028

    K24 block/engine

    Any pictures of the block ?
  6. hondacivic028

    WTB: EK9 washer bottle

    Have one here
  7. hondacivic028

    5zigen Manifold 4-2-1

    5 zigen pro race manifold have one here for sale .
  8. hondacivic028

    My EK9 k20 build

    Got my self a skunk 2 intake manifold and relocated the pipe from brake servo . To gave it a cleaner look . Then got it powder coated black . Here's the out come . I have a 70mm Hybrid Racing throttle body to go with it and a 3.5 inch blox v stack I'm going to get custom made intake pipe :)
  9. hondacivic028

    My EK9 k20 build

    I'm a dairy farmer
  10. hondacivic028

    My EK9 k20 build

    I strip all the old suspension parts off the car got them powder coat and rebuild them all up and left them up to him to be fitted . In the end it easy just to get him to fit the engine with my new job I only get 2 days off a month no time for **** all anymore that's why I'm only getting around...
  11. hondacivic028

    My EK9 k20 build

    So a bit of a update . I've rebuild the suspension and re bush the full car and got all the suspension parts powder coated . Then I set about get all a suspension parts onto the car . I order all new honda bolts to put it back together with . Engine is now in will get pictures up soon :)
  12. hondacivic028

    K24 block/engine

    Is the block a k24a3?
  13. hondacivic028

    K24 block/engine

    How much do you want for the bare block /crack/ rods and pistons ?
  14. hondacivic028

    K24 block/engine

    I'm after a k24 block . If you have one pm me with price Thanks
  15. hondacivic028

    Big Spec Dc2 for breaking! Loads of Extras!

    How much for the wheels ?
  16. hondacivic028

    Facelift EP3 Flywheel

    I have one here pm me
  17. hondacivic028

    K20/K24 k SWAP PARTS ITBS ek9 parts

    I'm not 100% but I had it on my ek9 and fit mint was 100%
  18. hondacivic028

    K20/K24 k SWAP PARTS ITBS ek9 parts

    For k series