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  1. mld22

    Nurburgring Trip 2014

    Went on my second trip to the ring last week. I booked a track day rather than going on a Tourist Day and got to tackle the ring without too much traffic. The EK9 stood out as something different amongst a crowd of serious ring goers in their Porsche GT3's and BMW M3's. I'm still a rookie...
  2. mld22

    The New Car - Porsche 944 Turbo

    Not been on the forum in a while. Thought I's share a few pictures of my new car. Bought a 1991 Porsche 944 Turbo a couple of months back. Still getting used to the RWD power. I plan on getting it ready to take to the Nurburgring next summer. I've got a lot of learning...
  3. mld22

    Jeep Cherokee 2001 2.5 TDI

    Not the usual for sale thread :D Item for sale: 2001 Jeep Cherokee Reputation: mld22 Price: £2,500 Paypal:No Location: Glasgow Condition: 8/10 Description: For sale is my 2.5 Turbo Diesel Jeep Cherokee 2001. I have owned the car since November 2012 and was original bought as a...
  4. mld22

    My Nurburgring Trip 2013

    It was even more awesome than I imagined. Here are some pictures and a video of the EK9. My Dad was the Photographer. The place is amazing. Cool cars everywhere. A lot of the tourist track time was spoiled by the rain when I was out. Went for two laps while it was...
  5. mld22

    EK9's First Track Outing: Knockhill

    First trip to the track in the EK9. It was a busy open track night and the sun was blinding in parts. Don't know why I haven't done this sooner though. Pics... In a different league: View from the track: Took some footage of the laps. GoPro's are great, although the...
  6. mld22

    16"x7" Track Tyres

    I am looking to order some track tyres for 16x7 alloys running on a standard height EK9. Having done a bit of reading, 205/45/R16 seems to be the optimum tyre size for the 16x7 rim. The problem I'm having is that there appears to be a limited track tyre choice in this size. The following...
  7. mld22

    Wheels 16" 5x114.3

    Looking for some wheels. Preferably in white or black. Must be in good condition. Evo Regamasters, Enkei, Spoon SW388, Rays Volk ect Let me know what you've got :thanks:
  8. mld22

    Nurburgring Trip

    I have not been on the forum a great deal lately but I should be about more often now. I am planning a trip to the Nurburgring for the end of April. For those that know me will know that my EK9 has remained standard since I got it. Time to spend my saved money on a trip to the Ring...
  9. mld22

    Bought a second car: Jeep Cherokee

    I have no idea what possessed me but I picked up this beast on ebay at the weekend. Its ridiculous and I have no need for having a Jeep but its great. Bring on the Snow! Comments welcome :nerv:
  10. mld22

    Jordan101's Focus RS Stolen

    Dickheads....Y U steal cool car!! Jordan101- Dan, had his Mk1 Ford Focus stolen last night from outside his flat. Really nice car in great condition, gutted to have it stolen. Keep your eyes peeled on the internet for it folk. So many of us are scanning forums, car sites etc most of the day...
  11. mld22

    Fifa 13

    Anyone else addicted? More enjoyable than Fifa 12. The attacking much improved. Really starting to get into Fifa Ultimate Team. PSN: "mld22".... if you are feeling brave :D
  12. mld22

    Mellow Yellow EK9

    Thought it was about time I started a members ride thread. Had the car nearly 2 years now so it is well overdue. Weather was good today so gave it a good clean and took some pictures. Have kept the car pretty much as standard since I bought it and plan to keep it that way. Will...
  13. mld22

    Plastic Clips and Screws (Bumpers/ Sideskirts)

    Looking for the plastic clips and any screws used to fit the front bumper. Anybody got any idea where i'd get some?
  14. mld22

    6000K HID Kit

    Item for sale: H4 Bi Xenon HID kit 6000K Reputation: Price: £40 (postage included) Paypal?: Yes Location: Glasgow Condition: New Description: Bi Xenon (Hi and Low beams) 6000K HID Kit. Comes with installation manual and all parts...
  15. mld22

    Champ White EK9 Bishopton

    Last night around 5.45. Going along the road past Marhall. T reg
  16. mld22

    Share My Birthday Cake???

    Turned 21 at the weekend....Have a pretty cool Dad who sorted out a pretty cool cake. My EK9: :drive:
  17. mld22

    EJ9 Wing Mirror

    Drivers side EJ9 wing mirror. Black plastic standard one in good condition. Got bashed off today while parked up :mad: Was probably Gav driving his bus down my street :gav: lol Let me know
  18. mld22

    Video: Focus RS Racing Through Edinburgh

    Dangerous but Cool ...
  19. mld22


    Feedback y0! :nice:
  20. mld22

    Yellow EK9/ Civic Jordan Door Handles

    I know its a long shot but i'll give it a go anyway. Handles on my car are wrecked, I've got my hands on some Championship White ones but if anybody has yellow ones available get in touch. It might save me the hassle of matching 12 year old yellow paint :nice: Thanks Martin