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  1. Pete180

    A few upgrade on they56 ek9

    Love the colour! yellow looks so fresh. Whereabouts you located mate? we gotta get another meet going someday, would be awesome to see a yellow one up close
  2. Pete180

    My VI-RS (17000km), (MORE UPDATES) 16” Spoon SW388

    Nice fitment bro, I'm liking it! :nice:
  3. Pete180

    Traveling to London in May

    Ahhh okay, yeah that is a little more difficult. Not sure if everybody can make that. Do you know where you will be staying? is it central london only? maybe somebody would be even willing to pick you up and come to the meet haha :D
  4. Pete180

    Traveling to London in May

    Oh awesome your first time over here :) it would be cool if we organise an car meet for when you are here! meet the other members since you've been the admin for so long. You are only staying in London though, central London in the city I guess? The natural history museum would be good...
  5. Pete180

    MUGEN EK strutbars, Real of Fake.

    Yh the thread is 2yrs old buddy lol he hasn't signed it for some time..
  6. Pete180

    New Year 2019

    Happy new year all!
  7. Pete180

    *My y56 ek9*

    Yellow looks so nice
  8. Pete180

    EG / EK 14 inch wheel covers

    Not that I know, we used to have those hub caps on our old sedan! but there's also vti fan blade wheels and gsr blades
  9. Pete180

    Ej9 backyard build

    Yh that's not a bad choice if u can grab a 2nd bumper so u can stick it on when need but also have the clean oem+ look :nice:
  10. Pete180

    Ej9 backyard build

    Prefer the clean look without them myself :P unless it's for purpose and track then fair enough
  11. Pete180

    B16A Mapping

    Efi parts are highly rated and over your way mate! Also @jesse888 can come out to u maybe
  12. Pete180

    Aaron's K20 EK (NEW)

    Looking sweet mate! :nice: think you'll change the air intake or leave it for now? I remember Jcal jesse saying suffering from heat soak makes quite a difference so could maybe route the filter somewhere
  13. Pete180

    Which battery

    Ah no way, didn't realise the ek9 had smaller terminals! wonder why that is.. but yh I've heard good things of Bosch products too :nice: nice find
  14. Pete180

    JDM Combe 2019 Stand

    I might be up for this! will have to confirm, though I'm not an ek9 :P
  15. Pete180

    Which battery

    I've been using The Battery Guys for years now with no issues so far, as long as it's got a warranty you should be good Mine being a Motolite gold and brothers is a Solite, no problems
  16. Pete180

    Ej9 backyard build

    Got mine from Rspec. Gauges called prosport. Just a shout :)
  17. Pete180

    If you were to colour change

    I really like my current clover green pearl colour, when the suns on it the colour shines so nicely! or this very nice dark-ish red which I think is a custom? (insta @hbkmaguito) Outside of Hondas then the San marino blue and Atlantis blue on the new M3s, such nice shades.
  18. Pete180

    Race DNA

    Umm I've heard good things about RDT Race dyno tuning Will, Performance autoworks, HondR and an individual called Marc hadfield. Just to name a few. Though I can't say myself, just from what I've heard they might be worth contacting and checking out. Seeing all these crazy built engines from the...
  19. Pete180

    Race DNA

    Don't think they exist anymore mate as I contacted them long ago but no reply. Message didn't even go through! When I did get a reply the once it was years ago, be prepared to pull out your deep pockets though lol but the work is top class I hear. Pretty sure theyre gone though