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  1. rvm

    A few upgrade on they56 ek9

    My dream ek9 :) Congrats.
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    Paintballer´s white EK9 from Germany

    Wow, Spoon goodies.. :bow:
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    New here. From Cali. An i would appreciate some help.

    dc2 parts, it even uses the same CRV size brake pads lol
  4. rvm

    New here. From Cali. An i would appreciate some help.

  5. rvm

    Hi, From south Wales

    :welcome: Post some photos of your car. Do you have a budget for what do you want to do? or is just a many years project ?
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    Traveling to London in May

    The meet would be great, I think the meeting can be difficult because I'll be arriving on monday and leaving on friday :( Thanks for the information I'll be definitely will be visiting the sites you mentioned.
  7. rvm

    New here : after info on my EK9 if previous owners are on here

    Post some photos the car so we can help you out better :)
  8. rvm

    Traveling to London in May

    Hello, yes, only in London. Thank you for your feedback I really appreciate it.
  9. rvm

    My ek9 - gwalker124

    Stunning car :)
  10. rvm

    Aaron's K20 EK (NEW)

  11. rvm

    *My y56 ek9*

    98 model right?
  12. rvm

    Traveling to London in May

    This is my first trip to the other side of the pond lol. Any recommendations on places to visit in London? Thanks!! :)
  13. rvm

    My EG K20 project

    What a nice project, thanks for sharing! :)
  14. rvm

    Looking for a s4c lsd or s80 lsd anyone got either?

    No differences, if its a 98 spec s80 then you'll have a 4.78 final drive which in my opinion is better.
  15. rvm

    ITR P73 Intake manifold Porting

    You can leave your chrome p30 on your car, there is no need of Hondata. Use the ecu that your tuner is comfortable using :)
  16. rvm

    *My y56 ek9*

    Now that's a good find ! Hope you can post photos when the baby arrives :)
  17. rvm

    Dobler's eK Build

    :bow: stunning photo.
  18. rvm

    Dobler's eK Build

    What an amazing build, I love your dog lol :)
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    Civic EE9/EF Project

    Looking good :)
  20. rvm

    ITR P73 Intake manifold Porting

    I honestly don't think its worth the porting of you head, I'll put the money somewhere else, for example a Hondata s300 as I can see you dont have a fully programmable ecu. K series is another story, if you have the budget to do it, it is a great option, as muscle car enthusiast say there is no...