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    Any og's still on here?

    Hi all god its been a while, just came to mind to have a look around here and wow it is quiet compared to few years ago. I havent got a honda atm but itching for one tho.
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    Help Help Help !!!

    Fish out the box for the alarm and check the wiring for fuses
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    ep3 question

    Yes the cable is the same on both sides so should fit with no bother and bare in mind it's a very fiddly job to do as well.
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    brake carriers

    Wanted dc2 98 spec or ek9 rear brake carriers.
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    swaping carpet into em1

    You will need carpet from facelift ek as em1 all were facelift 99-00 don't matter on hatch or coupe as all the same and right hand drive or left hand drive only difference is the plastic guard for the drivers pedal area and dead foot rest
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    15" 96 Spec DC2 Wheels 4x114.3

    I've a set for sale if anyone else after them
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    DC2 missing at low rpm.

    Have you blead the water system properly and is the tps and map sensor still working properly
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    ////////massive clear out part 2\\\\\\\

    The mid section I can see in the picture is it for sale if so how much and can u post it
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    wanted wheels

    I am after some rota spec r in 4x114 either can pick up if close to Manchester or seller be willing to post
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    Dc2 Subframe same as eg6?

    The dc2 also has a reinforcement brace
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    Anyone had there cars mapped by romain levesque?

    I'll add to the good notes by saying yes he's very good at what he does
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    civic eg healights

    I'm after some clear eg headlights it's the clear glass/plastic that I'm after so if the tabs or other bits broken it dosent mater as I'm doing a projector conversion.
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    Real momex go for 250-350
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    Auto to manual swap question (intake manifold)

    Why swap intake manifold? Don't make sense, should only be usual bits like gearbox engine mount pedals and ecu.
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    B pipe Question

    Its a silencer to quiten the noise and removing it will remove restriction but IMO an engine should have a system that has a little restriction to aid with back pressure
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    S80 gearbox whining

    Clutch release bearing at a guess and its a gearbox off joby
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    Anyone fancy some cheap rims...

    Bit of a **** stud pattren tbh but cheap
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    EG with b18c4

    Yes that's right ^^^
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    EG with b18c4

    It did have it ^^^
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    EG with b18c4

    item: EG4 with a B18c4 swap location: Manchester description: EG4 converted to a b18c4 clean with exception on a little rust on arches. Spec, EG4 chassis with 103k miles full mb6 runing gear including suframe and big break conversion with 113k miles tein ss coilovers 96 spec teg...