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  1. Ash-EK9

    It's time to get back in an EK9 can you help?

    So... its been 4 years since I sold my EK9 and boy have I regretted it since! looking to buy one in the near future so if your looking at selling yours give me a shout! I'm looking for a very clean low mileage CW facelift can have mild mods (coilovers, exhaust induction kit, all that good...
  2. Ash-EK9

    EK9 idle problem in warm-up phase

    you cant just get a tune... if its running badly there is a fault and "tuning" will just cover the fault, in case you don't know here's how to check for fault codes. you'll need a short piece of wire or a split pin, behind the glove box there will be a 2 pin green plug it will usually have a...
  3. Ash-EK9

    Back and forth

    Stick with it dude, leaving is probably the most regreting thing ive done, now i have no chance of getting another civic or EK9 any time soon, i must have stripped my civic 3 times for parts, it gets even more expensive trust me!
  4. Ash-EK9

    50 Shades Of Grey [ Update #2 ]

    looks great good start, thats pretty much how i sorted my poorly modified ej (blue one in the sig) bit by bit pay cheque by pay cheque :D
  5. Ash-EK9

    May aswell be new again!

    disclaimer: THIS IS A TOY GUN NOT REAL
  6. Ash-EK9

    May aswell be new again!

    Hi Dunx, well been upto spending money on lots of gucci kit and also helping to restore a snatch landrover..... (I hate it) lol other than that im now engaged saving up for a house aaaand thats aboot it really :D hope to stick around for a long while yet ive been a fool to stay away for so long :)
  7. Ash-EK9

    May aswell be new again!

    Sold it to a chap on here but he hasnt posted since he bought it i would like to see how it is now though (if its not been smashed up) in the end i dint have to sell it as i got a tax rebate...... Didnt find out until it was to late! Fml! I got some saving to do now so hopefully i wont have to...
  8. Ash-EK9

    May aswell be new again!

    Ha thanks for the welcome guys :) its a super hard decision to make but then again selling the ek9 was :( miss it like mad and seeing all your civics is convincing me more! The forum looks well! Good to see it growing
  9. Ash-EK9

    May aswell be new again!

    Hi guys hows it goin!? Long time no speek! Just thought i would pop in and see how the EK9 world is going! See many old faces still kicking around :D happy days! Although ill be honest and say that this browsing isnt doing me any good :D missing my EK9 like crazy :( just seeing all the talent on...
  10. Ash-EK9

    ef9 SiR2

    First pic is my new phone wall paper :) Looks gorgeous mate!
  11. Ash-EK9

    zootys new ek9!

    You got it then! Nice one mate :) Will have to meet up so i can have look!
  12. Ash-EK9

    Headlights dimmer when accelerating?

    12.7 v is way to low for the car running and under load needs to be between 13.8v and 14.8v ish the alternator is prob knackered also change the battery see how you get on :)
  13. Ash-EK9

    any windy window door cards

    Got some ej9 ones pm if interested pics available via text message
  14. Ash-EK9

    Engine swap in 42 seconds !?!?!

    Ok looks super quick but what about the driveshafts.... No oil drained out or coolant..... No tools.......
  15. Ash-EK9

    Type one heaven

    Watching videos like this make me want to keep my ek9 :(
  16. Ash-EK9


    If i won the lottery....... :bow:
  17. Ash-EK9

    your celebrity crush!?!

    Kiera knightley mmmmmmmmm
  18. Ash-EK9

    bedding in discs and pads

    ^^^^^ what elchunk said, you get people who just stamp on the brakes and wonder why theyre warped in 100 miles! Theyll bed in on there own accord just allow pleanty of time to brake as they will probably be pretty bad for the first couple of miles.
  19. Ash-EK9

    Honda wheel locking nut key needed!

    You will not find a locking wheel nut key the same as yours you need to get it off by any means nesasary ie hitting a socket over the base of the bolt and using an impact gun undo it, theres no point in hitting onto the small part as it will just snap off