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  1. Ryan-EK9

    Dzero4 Reputation Thread

    Great seller! Was looking for wind deflector clips for sometime and Dzero4 had them! Communication was great and delivery was super quick + a bonus pack of Haribo. Would recommend!
  2. Ryan-EK9

    EK / EK9 Wind Deflector Clips Brand new (5 remaining)

    Hi there, have you still got any of these available?
  3. Ryan-EK9

    F/S EK9 OEM 99-00 BNIB Headlamps

    Have you still got any sets of these for sale?
  4. Ryan-EK9

    2002 JDM EP3 horn issue & a cut wiring harness.

    Yeh, OEM MOMO steering wheel fitted. I was thinking the originals have been taken out but it would of made sense to fit a different horn in its place. However, there isn’t so this is why I’m scratching my head with it. :angry2: I have been told (and have acquired a none cut, full body loom) a...
  5. Ryan-EK9

    2002 JDM EP3 horn issue & a cut wiring harness.

    Hi all. Hoping someone can shed some light on this. Got a JDM EP3 pre facelift. Have a horn that isn’t working. Checked fuse 7 in the engine bay. That’s okay. Removed the front bumper to reveal that both horns have been removed for some reason. Found the plug for the horn on the N/S, tested...
  6. Ryan-EK9

    Recommendations on where to buy tyres (online)

    I 2nd tyre leader. Ordered some AD08'a from there as they were the cheapest and the reviews were great. Got all 4 tyres delivered in just 3 days.
  7. Ryan-EK9

    Clutch alignment tool

    If you can't find the exact alignment tool for it. Try one of these I use this for 99% of clutches I do...
  8. Ryan-EK9

    Genuine EK9 Headlights - Possible GB!

    Ah crap! Didn't see the original post date :angry2:
  9. Ryan-EK9

    Turfy's 2000 Ek9 Type Rx Fresh Import :) Spoon Bonnet - SR4 Tomcats

    Absolutely love it! Keep up the good work :nice:
  10. Ryan-EK9

    Genuine EK9 Headlights - Possible GB!

    If the numbers are enough for a group buy then I might be up for this.
  11. Ryan-EK9

    My 99' CW Facelift EK9.

    Got around to doing some more little things on my list. All cosmetic touches but it's the little things that count :p Front and rear H badges had began to going pink again and the rear badge had a a little water mark inside the badge that always did my head in. So replaced both. Front: Rear...
  12. Ryan-EK9

    Ek9 OEM Stickers

    Just fitted a set of Tegiwa Type R stickers this morning. For a copy they're pretty much spot on.
  13. Ryan-EK9

    Japfest Silverstone 2017

    I might be up for this one this year. Soon as I know the details I'll know an answer :nice:
  14. Ryan-EK9

    Mimms Christmas Special

    Cracking pics as always. So many good looking cars there :drool:
  15. Ryan-EK9 Sticker's for sale

    Stuck mine on today :) thanks for sorting them out @B16Swt :nice:
  16. Ryan-EK9 Sticker's for sale

    Ordered 2 white stickers. Sent £10, keep or donate the change to the forum :)
  17. Ryan-EK9 Sticker's for sale

    So is that £5.65 each? If so I'll get two off you :)
  18. Ryan-EK9

    My 99' CW Facelift EK9.

    Thanks :) Girlfriend bought me some new private reg plates and I fitted them yesterday. Dirty recess. Clean recess. And the new plates. R for my name, 25 for the day I was born on and I think the last 3 letters suit the car pretty well ;)
  19. Ryan-EK9

    My 99' CW Facelift EK9.

    Yeh I'm good ta, hope you're all we'll. I'll have an overly loud exhaust for sale at some point soon ;). Nah, I thought I wanted a louder exhaust when I got that custom one but one month is all I could take. This one hits all the right spots for me :)
  20. Ryan-EK9

    My 99' CW Facelift EK9.

    Sooooooooo, haven't updated this for a few years now (way overdue :(). Haven't really modified the car over the years as it's all mainly been maintaince updates. Bare with me as I try and remember what order I did these in :p Decided to finily brighten up my engine bay as it was looking a...