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  1. vwalex92

    Low Seat Rails

    Hi, I am looking for low seat rails to fit the standard Recaros in a EK9. I have my originals to swap if needed. Thanks :) Alex
  2. vwalex92

    Brake Booster/Servo

    Hello! I am having a few issues with my ek9 at the moment. The brake pedal has a strange feel to it, it feels like it compresses down for about half a inch for a split second then goes rock solid, in the first half inch the brakes still get applied but not until the pedal goes solid that the...
  3. vwalex92


    I use the ad08r's and think there fantastic, they are great in the dry and wet (just avoid standing water) They have miles and miles of grip!
  4. vwalex92

    Dodo juice/car wax review.

    I use dodo products on my ek9, I think there great! I use the supernatural hybrid sealent first then put the dimond white on top :) The hybrid wax lasts ages that's a plus for me! :)
  5. Ek9 detail with dodo

    Ek9 detail with dodo

  6. vwalex92

    Retiming steering wheel

    Allllrighttttttt, My standard ek9 steering wheel is slightly warn on the right hand side so I replaced it with a DC5 wheel but it does not feel as good as the standard ek9 one so I am looking at getting mine recovered to get it back to former glory, does anyone know any good places to go? :)
  7. vwalex92

    DC2 steering wheel re-trimmed

    Wow that does look great, can you PM me the details please? :) thank you.
  8. vwalex92

    TE37 Refurbished

    I worked as a powder coater refurbishing wheels, heated wheels to 220oC, acid striped, sand blasted and never had a issue with damage to any wheels or heard of anyone having damage to there wheels :)
  9. vwalex92

    Cheapest place for Spoon exhaust

    You must be mad...... Spoon B pipe is 500+ on its own Hendy performance is where I got my Spoon Cat back :) Si is a great guy, very good service.
  10. vwalex92

    Air Bags/battery dissconect/alarm.

    Soo I have a DC5 steering wheel to fit to my EK9. Just wanted to check regarding disconnecting the battery. I know I will have to disconnected the battery, wait 15 mins then perform the airbag/wheel swap, I just wanted to check how Toad alarms react to this, I know some alarms have a cry...
  11. vwalex92

    Second car

    Haha! Thanks for the advise, a few cars I have not thought of before :)
  12. vwalex92

    Second car

    Soo, I just got a new job that is a longer drive and I want to keep my civic but I dont want to use it day to day. I am looking for something that will do 50mpg+ cheap, reliable, comfortable but under 2.5k. I am looking for a few ideas this is not a wanted thread :P Thank you :)
  13. vwalex92

    Road Cycling

    I work for Wiggle, drop me a PM and I would be happy to help you :)
  14. vwalex92

    Scene tape!

    I have used it it is great for polishing and stopping stone chips. It is called Scene tape as it is used on most show cars going to events. If you use it just to look good on your car you are a tool imho
  15. vwalex92

    Wehre to by OEM EK9 or DC2 Steering Wheel

    Try Hendy performance
  16. vwalex92

    Airbox resonator pipe

    pm :d
  17. vwalex92

    Airbox resonator pipe

    I am looking for the black resonator pipe as in the picture below, please let me know if you have one for sale :) thank you
  18. vwalex92

    Realistic price for this car?

    May be worth trying it, I am 21, no NCB 2 crashes driving for 4.5 years and insurance on my EK9 was less than a 1.4 6n2 polo.... I pay £700
  19. vwalex92

    Spoon elbow

    Sweet thank you :)
  20. vwalex92

    Shift point to stay in Vtec

    If you have a lighter flywheel there is less inertia to keep the engine spinning, thus the engines speed will slow down quicker when the clutch is dipped.