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    Coilovers recommendation upto €1k

    Yes they are supplied with top mounts
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    Knock/Jerk when upshifting

    I've had this issue on mine, feels like the engines rocking when shifting lol , tt was the torque mounts on the front of the car, that bolt from the front of the engine block to the chassis ,the hardened rubber was completely perished, replacing this solved my issue
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    Still got my EG9

    Nice to see this is still about! Any videos of this running? @Pete180 add me to please!
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    Ek9 rolling Shell

    Dependent on spec pm me details
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    Ek9 rolling Shell

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    Ek9 rolling Shell

    Hi All I'm looking for home for my Integra b18c6 engine and gearbox, the most ideal situation would be full car minus the engine and gearbox so I can just drop the setup in and drive! If anyone's looking to part with their project or looking to break let me know! Needs to have full interior...
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    Euro r

    Hi Mate, the fd2 believe it or not is only a two seater in the back, accord is probably the better option! Good luck in finding one!
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    b18c to pre facelift ej

    You will need obd2a engine loom, you may need a conversion harness depending on what year the dc2 ecu is from.
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    Hardrace -Integra Subframe on an EK

    I think it's right but not 100%, I just want to double check lol, mine is for a kswap also let's hope someone can shed some light whose actually down it
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    Hardrace -Integra Subframe on an EK

    @Alex revie @that_civic @jesse888
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    Hardrace -Integra Subframe on an EK

    Hello All Just some quick questions regarding running the DC2 rack and subframe on the EK. Which bits do I need of the teg and which bits can I reuse on the EK. I've searched and now confused!!! I am hoping someone who is running this on there car can shed some light! Will the following parts...
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    JDM ITR 98 spec 16" wheels

    That's a nice Ek!
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    Here is my new purchase, EK4 VTI

    Very nice! What plans have you got for the car?
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    Kswap Turbo Kit + Engine

    OK, just wondering if I should buy something stock and then upgrade when required, or buy a swap that has the upgrades like tb, inlet, lsd ect might be cheaper in the long run lol I have all the swap parts just need an engine and gearbox!
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    Kswap Turbo Kit + Engine

    I spoke to Simon on the schuband and and that's the turbo I've been looking at. Thinking of going for a helical lsd/Maybe plated and possibly a different final drive. Jesse what supporting mods has your brother installed on his ep3
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    B18C stopped and won't start, please help

    When you turn the key once can your hear the fuel pump prime, I had a similar issue, ended up being the fuel relay but changed the pump at the same time.
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    Kswap Turbo Kit + Engine

    Yeah am thinking the same, and maybe just upgrade the Lsd, looking at qualified and mfactory I will be giving schuband autoworks, a call too to see what option they have for a full kit. Does anybody have any recommendations, plan is to run on a stock block and then upgrade when I want more...
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    Kswap Turbo Kit + Engine

    @MadM1ke87 @jesse888 @robthedoc @DV8 @LORD WD40 @Vtec6000
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    Kswap Turbo Kit + Engine

    Hello All Looking to get some info and people's experiences with turbo kits on a kswapped car.(Mine will be an Ek Chassis) I will be looking to purchase either parts individually or as a full kit. Looking to run this on a stock block for now and may up the boost once I have something built...