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    Interesting on S4C or S80 gearboxs!!

    hi there i have an ek9 gearbox and a full spare set of internals if your interested
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    Yellow S2000 2002

    hey mate, would you be interested in a trade for an ep3 with extras and some cash your way?
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    Facelift Ek9 - Itb's, Stage2 Cams, B18c

    black ek9, gavs old one
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    Facelift Ek9 - Itb's, Stage2 Cams, B18c

    would you be interested in a trade? awsome car, spotted it at crail! why you selling it? :thanks:
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    Standard ek9 exhaust, dc2 air box

    iv got a standard ek9 exhaust, b pipe and manifold if your still looking
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    EK9 RE Amemiya diffuser pro

    pmd :D
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    Spoon N1 Bung.

    had one of these! it fell out and got crushed by a taxi :( lol
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    EK9 RE Amemiya diffuser pro

    wow looks awsome!!
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    * Report this post * Reply with quote Scotland Meet- Dundee, 23rd April 2011

    1. Firas (Jose) 2. Chris (Gibbscp) 3. Michael (MWL) 4. Scott (UKDM...) 5. Keith (Kbartlett1888) 6. Robzo (Keiths mate with MX5) 7. Dwayne (wdx) - Depends if I get banned in a few weeks ! 8. Ross (civik) 9. Keyse (keyz) 10. IainDavidson (IainnDavidsonn) 11. keith (mb6loon) i'll meet up...
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    my ek9

    lol ye finally joined only took me nearly 3 months :D
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    my ek9

    cheers man im really happy with the purchase :D
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    my ek9

    ye it was crazy like, i never knew you had it for sale for that long :O hopefully you'll like the mods iv made :nerv:
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    my ek9

    ye i really happy with the purchase :D i was really lucky to get it when i did as a few ppl i know were trying to buy it, but i won :win:
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    my ek9

    ye bought it back in january, iv added a few bits and bobs tho :P
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    my ek9

    ye its taken me a while lol thanks gav, iv fitted other bits since the pics were taken! :) you'll see all the extras at the next meet :P
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    my ek9

    hi, got myself an ek9 a few months ago but havent got round to posting anything here are some pics of my car so far let me know what you think cheers :nice:
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