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  1. KmitchEg6

    Rotrex K20 EF Civic Track Build

    Car is sick looking forward to more updates
  2. KmitchEg6

    EG civic K-swap inside

    Love this car
  3. KmitchEg6

    Bushell's OEM+ Nine

    Car is looking very well mate great attention to detail
  4. KmitchEg6

    Kid-Vtek's Canadian EK build: CR-Vtec Turbo

    Awesome build man keep up the work
  5. KmitchEg6

    Mattyssb's black caged ITB'd K24 EK9

    Car is looking unreal mate can't wait for more updates!!
  6. KmitchEg6

    Turfy's Facelift Ek4 Sir :) Genuine Sprinthart CPR's

    Car is looks savage man
  7. KmitchEg6

    EJ6-EK4-EK9 replica transformation(Retired)

    Love this car soooo clean!!
  8. KmitchEg6

    robthedoc's ek9 turbo, adventures in boost!

    Great looking car man love the attention to detail
  9. KmitchEg6

    Civic Jordan #228 (B18C track build)

    Car is sweet man..
  10. KmitchEg6

    My Ek9 track car build up

    Car is looking sick.. Love the attention to detail.. Can't wait to see it finished!!
  11. KmitchEg6


    Serious car man can't wait to see it finished!!
  12. KmitchEg6

    Black RX project

    Lovely 9 looking forward to more updates...
  13. KmitchEg6

    Ef2 civic (saloon) Ireland

    Hey I'm looking to buy an Ef2 civic must be fairly rust free condition of engine and box not important willing to spend about 1500 but might pay a bit more for a cleaner example. Only looking at cars in Ireland thanks.
  14. KmitchEg6

    davis94's Lightning Silver EJ9 Build

    Great build man car is looking mint..
  15. KmitchEg6

    New from ireland

    Welcome man, ek9 is sweet!
  16. KmitchEg6

    Civic Jordan(Update page 2)

    Great car mate!!
  17. KmitchEg6


    Welcome mate.... Good luck with the swap!!
  18. KmitchEg6

    whereveriroam's EK9

    Welcome mate beautiful 9....