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  1. spikeyhairdude

    Instagram sellers?

    Got to be really careful nowadays. Iv noticed alot of instagram seller selling rare parts, some are just using other people pictures and putting it up as theirs. so many people recently being scammed. So i stay fully away from those sellers. Theres 1% of people out of those who are genuine...
  2. spikeyhairdude

    Parts Required for KSWAP

    Yeah branded kswap shafts are waay too much money. Il only get them if im getting 1000hp ones Il update that for version 4. Iv done alot of kswaps now using this setup and aslong as we use Hasport mounts, the way how is listed on the PDF works fine. I had innovative mounts before and no mater...
  3. spikeyhairdude

    Update on H-swap EK

    Those itr wheels are the best oem+ type r wheel out there. Just changes the whole stance of eks and dc's
  4. spikeyhairdude

    Parts Required for KSWAP

    Version 3 now uploaded Update includes injectors, ecu and few other bits that needed changes Also, i know i have made this list to make kswaps easier and cheaper for people. I have had to be quite straight up saying i cannot link people every part to do their swaps. Iv get 5 to 10 messages a...
  5. spikeyhairdude Sticker's for sale

    Il definetly have one in the near future
  6. spikeyhairdude

    DC2 ITR K24 Frankenstein Build

    I love a clean oil cooler setup. Thats brilliant
  7. spikeyhairdude

    EK Brake dust shields

    These are OEM brand new from honda. I work in parts so thats how i got the price
  8. spikeyhairdude

    DC2 ITR K24 Frankenstein Build

    Make sure You get the spigot bearing that goes in the middle of the crank and flywheel area as automatics dont come with them also.
  9. spikeyhairdude

    Jap service parts uk

    Did he honour more discount this time round? The guys who does the major work on my car like engine and gearbox, he is very good friends with them so gets the parts from the guys house who lives near him.
  10. spikeyhairdude

    EK Brake dust shields

    Going off my ek9 vin to get the price and availabilty. They are the same as DC2 dust Sheild. The fronts are available at £61 each plus postage. I can get them 3-5 working days here in the uk. Im not sure where you are in the world but im in the uk. The rears for ek9/dc2 are no longer...
  11. spikeyhairdude

    Jap service parts uk

    Best thing to message them direct on facebook ad see if they can help. They did once before for a friend years ago
  12. spikeyhairdude

    EK Brake dust shields

    Need to know what disc/rotor size you have because i know some are available, not all of them but only if searched
  13. spikeyhairdude

    Looking for door seals

    Hi mate, if you dm me. i can help. i Just need a UK reg number or Vin number to search if still available
  14. spikeyhairdude

    EK9 Rolling Restoration

    If you do need any oem honda parts give me a message, i work at honda in parts
  15. spikeyhairdude

    Civic Jordan 258 rebuild

    @glpaintworks does some great work
  16. spikeyhairdude

    I’m back! B16Swt just purchased an Ek9!

    Very good to see the car is still here with another forum user. When @Coughan sold it, i followed it when it went to the new owner but then lost who had it after. Looking forward to see what you do with this
  17. spikeyhairdude

    I unbagged my EG

    Tbh i love the bags on my bmw but good thing you removed it from the honda. Hondas in my eyes are drivers cars and now you can actually send it now having coilovers
  18. spikeyhairdude

    Intro to my 1998 Honda civic !

    Cameras can still see it. mine points down so unless you under the plate, you cant see it hahah. Car looks good tho
  19. spikeyhairdude

    K20z3 not getting fuel pressure

    Before you said a hole in the fuel pipe. I was assuming it could be Throttle Position sensor as mine had the same effect as what you said. Good that you found the fault, at least no major damage with fuel leak
  20. spikeyhairdude

    leeK9's EK4 SiRII daily

    You should. done think iv seen a pic of this for quite a while now