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  1. stevenEK9

    Oil coolers what's people's opinion

    it's a 19 row you have Steve :) sized it big so that it would provide plenty cooling on track which as you have found it does perfectly! partially blocking it for the road is a great idea to make sure the engine is still getting up to temp
  2. stevenEK9

    gearbox rebuild/upgrade pics

    not been on here in a while! thought i would share some pics of a gearbox rebuild on a mates EK9 from last week, might just be me but always like to see pics of the guts of cars :nerv: car sounded horrific on idle, let alone driving, clutch had recently been done and also didn't sound like a...
  3. stevenEK9

    Best lug nuts to use

    steel wheel nuts with the correct taper to fit your wheels
  4. stevenEK9

    Track wheels...

    7" wide with a 195/50 tyre is spot on, you can feel there is WAY less tyre deflection than even running them on a 6.5" wheel I used to run 15x7 ET35 wheels with 10mm front spacers on my EK9, car was very low and never had any issues, handling was superb
  5. stevenEK9

    Regas + spoon calipers

    you need a 6mm spacer minimum with +42 rega's
  6. stevenEK9

    Spoon 1.5 way oil? that's the stuff you want ran it for hundreds of laps of knockhill / plenty nurburgring laps / about 25k miles in total, no issues at all recently i rebuilt the diff on my M3 so it's running a multi pack...
  7. stevenEK9

    Spoon 1.5 way oil?

    adding friction modifier allows the plates to slip slightly so as much as it will reduce noise and make the diff operate a tad smoother, it will also make the diff less efficient used to use Motul 75w90 LS oil with spoon diff in both B series and K series forms, worked great Spoon exclusively...
  8. stevenEK9

    Mugen replica EK9 airbox

    hey sorry about the delay this part I was advertising on behalf of a friend Alex who I helped to strip down his car, I believe he has had some family issues to deal with unfortunately over the winter break I believe he has contacted you directly and is taking care of shipping, hope it arrives...
  9. stevenEK9

    Carbon Black E46 m3

    turner motorsport ones with metallistic bushes - spherical wouldn't last on a road car. the turner arms allow all adjustment at the end of the arm unlike eibach etc which are obscured at one end by exhaust etc where the rear upper and lower arms bolt to the RTA, there are spherical ball joints...
  10. stevenEK9

    Safetydevices cages, where from?

    at least the welding on the EK9 cage isn't too bad - was a bit of a pig for the M3, took ages!!!
  11. stevenEK9

    Carbon Black E46 m3

    if you are wanting V3's it is worth paying the wee bit extra for the clubsports - V3's don't come with top mounts and also use a progressive front spring whereas the clubsports have top mounts and linear springs looks very clean for an early one!!!
  12. stevenEK9

    Safetydevices cages, where from?

    nice one, Tim (DV8 on here) went the same route with fitting the half cage with optional bars included too - he's yet to fit the front section though as long as the reinforcement plates are welded inside the car and not placed on the underside, it carries MSA homologation
  13. stevenEK9

    Seeker V2 GENUINE FULL CARBON adjustable rear wing

    pm'd, still got this :)
  14. stevenEK9

    Safetydevices cages, where from?

    Most bolt in cages are 6 point as they mount at..... 2 points for the front legs 2 points for the B pillar loop 2 points for the rear legs the safety device cages are a brilliant piece of kit, comes with all the reinforcement plates which you need to weld in etc the 'standard' 6 point cage...
  15. stevenEK9

    VTEC Engine bay video

    on the standard rev limit yeah, most tunes will raise the limit to closer to 9k so you can squeeze about 130 out it
  16. stevenEK9

    VTEC Engine bay video

    slightly longer 3.070 ratio 1st gear standard 2nd then the gear ratios for the ATS kit are 1.652/1.358/1.033 mph wise should be as follows with the standard rev limit and 195/50 tyres (oem/this box) 40/42 61 88/78 116/99 152/125 lose a fair bit on the top end but the box suits a B16B nicely...
  17. stevenEK9

    Mugen replica EK9 airbox

  18. stevenEK9

    Seeker V2 GENUINE FULL CARBON adjustable rear wing

    hello it is yeah :)
  19. stevenEK9

    **B18C high spec EK9**

    had a number of PM's lately about this shell is now GONE the only remaining parts are - wheels - airbox - spoiler there are separate threads in the FS section for these items cheers