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  1. bartchk


    Please explain it... What have happened you with mikecrxsir?
  2. bartchk

    ***2002 Black Civic Type R EP3 £2000***

    you have a PM! ;)
  3. bartchk

    EK9 S4C Gearbox

    you have a PM ;)
  4. bartchk

    Jordan 100

    I like a lot that yellow EK! ;)
  5. bartchk

    New here -Looking to buy a EK9 turbo

    welcome! ;)
  6. bartchk


    very nice EK, yeah!
  7. bartchk

    Owner of vsm EJ9

    post some pics to check it mate! ;)
  8. bartchk

    Black EG6 SiR's New home.

    it looks really really good! ;)
  9. bartchk

    96-00 civic 4door thread

  10. bartchk

    Fun in the Gtr

    lovely sound!
  11. bartchk

    Storm chasing + Low civic = Bad!

    lol! too bad...
  12. bartchk

    picture of the day.

    The EF photo is... simply perfect! ;)
  13. bartchk

    New member from MK

    very nice that coupe! :clap:
  14. bartchk

    Race Civic EF - Driver Skills

    that's a real driver! :nice:
  15. bartchk

    Hi! EG4 from Spain!

    great photos from Bareyo concentration ;) :nice:
  16. bartchk

    Hello from Spain!!!!!

    welcome! Bienvenido Manu, somos compis! ;) :nice:
  17. bartchk

    Spoon Civic Video!!! 11,000 RPM

    amazing! :shocked:
  18. bartchk


    I love the Kanjo EFs!!
  19. bartchk

    hey people

    welcome guy!
  20. bartchk


    welcome!! ;)