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    Bavarian Bronze EK4

    What a great colour! Nice car and work
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    Nicole's turbo black ek9

    Great work, been watching this over on DW. Love it!
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    Picked up b16b cleaned and painted ..

    That looks great! So shiny!
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    Dodgy ek9?

    My mate was the first uk owner of this 9. It's had loads of things changed (without going into too much detail) I may even have a few pics when it was crashed from back in the day. Lights were ek9 ones when replaced. I think it's the photos. It's 101k miles at least. It was a very clean car...
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    Black DC2 Type R

    How does it go with those cams Alan?
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    RPC clutches?

    Thanks gents. Honda oem is a few quid more so I may go for that.
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    RPC clutches?

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone is running one on here? Seem to be very well priced from H tune using a discount but I can't find much in them?
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    Nurburgring Trip 2014

    Fantastic pictures.
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    Integra type breaking

    Hi, do you have any jdm battery earth straps?
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    Jdm radio help?

    These do have a different harness. I know what you mean though. The issue is that the earth now has a live feed which is confusing me.
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    Jdm radio help?

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone could help me? I had a radio in the car which worked fine. I disconnected this to change it and replace with a better one. Anyway, the new radio didn't work when plugged in (it is a tested working one) and now the one I removed doesn't work. I've...
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    My Fast Car Feature Pictures

    Looks fantastic!
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    ek9 D16 turbo

    Love it.
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    The knob who crashed his dc2...after 1 week

    Ouch! Glad to see your ok.
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    Black DC2 Type R

    Thanks for the reply Alan. To be honest, I hardly drive mine but when I do, it's either to a track day or Europe. I think I'll leave it in :thanks:
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    new member from leicester

    Hi there. I'm from leic too!
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    Ally's Nine (no longer CW)

    Absolutely love your seats!
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    Black DC2 Type R

    Awesome teg. How do you find the 96 spec 4th & 5th? Worth while doing?
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    NZRacerX's EK9 - 19/10 Interior Pics Up

    Sweet 9 :)
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    Skyline R33 GTR V-Spec

    Very nice gtr.