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    Advan RG1

    Thanks mate. Nice! haven't seen an ek9 with those wheels. Got a pic?. Got the RG1s. However, I need to replace all 4 tyres that are currently on them... going with A052 205/50R15 all around.
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    Advan RG1

    Hi Anyone running a set of white Advan RG1s in 16x7.5 +45 on their EK9? Pics please I just want to see what they look like on the ek. I managed to get a set and they're on there way. Thanks in advance.
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    SW388 15x8+35

    Hi All, Is anyone running the Spoon SW388 15x8 +35 on their EK9? If so, what tyres are you running? Any pics is greatly appreciated. I am thinking of running these wheels on AD08R 205/50R15. Also on oem callipers. Will have I any clearance issues etc? Thanks
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    EK9 blue plate chassis replacement

    Hi Guys, I live in Australia and own an EK9. Unfortunately the car is missing the blue build plate chassis badge. I was hoping if anyone could please lead me to someone who can make to order a blue plate chassis badge replacement. Thank you in advance.