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  1. EkBen

    Trilogy hazard wiring/install?

    Anyone on here installed one in their ek/ek? Having some issues getting the right wires would like to know exactly what goes where to make it function properly (I’m aware I need diodes to stop back feed etc.)
  2. EkBen

    Trilogy hazard switch wiring/install?

    Anyone here installed one on their ej/ek? Having some issues trying to get it to work.
  3. EkBen

    EK9 rear crash bar

    Looking for a ek9 rear crash bar/stiffener. My ek4 crash bar is rotten and wanting to save as much weight possible. Oem or aftermarket if there is any? Picture of what I’m looking for.
  4. EkBen

    OEM EK9 Facelift grill (99-00)

    After an oem Facelift ek9 grill. Condition of paint doesn't matter so long as there's no major damage to the grill or mesh
  5. EkBen

    Constant CEL (code zero?) service check connector no voltage

    Ok as title... Will start off by saying I have a 2000 ek4 VTI with a B18c using an apexi ecu. Problem I have is the CEl is on CONSTANTLY, does not blink even when I try and jump the service check connector and search for a code (which itself is a code zero apparently?). Although it will...
  6. EkBen

    MG 260mm N/S/R or 262 rear calipers

    As title, Broken a bleeder valve and cba to waste my time extracting it so looking for either a single left rear 260mm MG caliper or a pair of 262mm rears
  7. EkBen

    Ek9 steering rack manual or pas

    As title looking for an Ek9 steering rack, power steering or manual (wanting manual as for track car), will possibly take the subframe along with it if anyone's selling both. Willing to travel a fair distance for the right price of course, any help on this would be appreciated i know they are a...
  8. EkBen

    Ek4 VTI clocks/speedo PFL

    Looking for some EK4 VTI clocks 96-98 (Pre-facelift in MPH) fully working of course, any help in finding one would be appreciated!
  9. EkBen

    Track SSB EK4 kanjo inspired

    Hello all, I'm Ben, 19 years old. I have always been a car enthusiast but the last few years I have grown to adore jap cars and one manufacturer in particular being HONDA! So after passing my driving test about 6 months ago I bought this sorry looking ej9 as my first car the same week. It was...
  10. EkBen

    Newbie from Cambridge!

    Hello everyone, names Ben I'm from near Cambridge. Passed my test 2-3 months back and that same week went on the hunt for a Honda Civic, come across a pretty sad looking 98 Ej9 and thought it'd make a great project and so far I've spent so much time looking for parts and trying to tidy it up as...